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SA520 and dhcp client the L2TP / PPTP to ISP


Trying to connect the WAN port of my sa520 to the Internet raised an unexpected problem:

the SA520 supports connection as either

1. DHCP client ( "Internet connection requires a login" check box is unchecked )

2. PPPoE dhcp client

3. PPTP manually configured client (ISP section)

4. L2TP maually configured client. (ISP section)

the infrastructure provider (cable based) supports the following:

1. DHCP client

2. PPTP dhcp (automatically configured) client

3. L2TP dhcp (automatically configured) client

the ISP supports only the following:

1. PPPoE dhcp client (only for ADSL connections)

2. PPTP dhcp (automatically configured) client

3. L2TP dhcp (automatically configured) client

my problem:

as hard as I try, I can not find any single configuration allowed under those 3 constraints simultaneously.

Is there any way cisco can provide an L2TP automatic configuration option for the sa520?

when trying to manually set the L2TP configuration using an IP from an earlier DHCP session the connection is of course refused.

The problem is with the "My IP Address" field in WAN configuration (ipv4 section).

Neither the infrastructure nor the ISP can provide that information, claiming my router should have an automatic setting for the L2TP connection (prefered according to their support personnel).


I have the same problem. Cisco SA520, I switched my infrastructure last week from ADSL to cable and my ISP requires that I use L2TP dialer to connect, which does not work on the Cisco.

In my case I do have a fixed IP address (I still get it automatically from the ISP, I just get the same address every time), so I even tried to put this fixed IP in the "My IP address" field of the IPv4 configuration, but it still doesn't work. Maybe the ISP waits for the router to make a dhcp request before enabling the connection, not sure.

For now I brought a cheap router instead of the cisco (Linksys WRT54G) and it can easily dial the ISP using L2TP. But this is not a good solution as I need the cisco for site-to-site VPN. I really hope there is a good solution for this problem...

Hi All,

You are correct that the dynamic IP addressing for L2TP or PPTP is currently not supported on the SA500.
The dynamic IP addressing (DHCP) is only supported on PPPoE and Ethernet.

We will evaluate this limitation and consider in our future development plan.  Thanks for the inputs on the deployment scenario.