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Ed Melendez

SA520 Rebooting - High Memory Usage

I purchased a SA520 some time ago, and initially I thought that things were great until I noticed that it would occassionally reboot unexpectedly.  This has been going on for some time now, so I recently added it to a monitoring tool that I installed on my network.

From the attached image, you can see that the memory usage appears to rise over time, and then the device reboots and the process starts all over again.  Could there be a memory leak within the software?  I don't see why the memory would slowly rise, especially since it is not under high constant load, and then reboot.

I was hoping that Cisco would release a fix for this problem, but it appears that it has gone overlooked.  Anyone else having this problem, or know how I can fix this?



Firmware Version: 2.1.19


Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Ed,

There is a new version of SA500 firmware posted on CCO with a significant number of fixes included.  Can you please upgrade to the latest version and advise if you are still seeing this behavior?



Thanks Chris.

I'll give it a try and keep everyone posted.


After 4 years of pausing this thread, I am here to re-open.

I am using 3 of this devices since 2012

My firmware is the latest on all of them.

Since a week ago one of my SA520 is rebooting 4-5 times a day.

What could be the cause?

Any idea?

Any portal for analyzing the dbglogs that i downloaded from SA520?

Hi Chris,

I recently updated our Cisco SA520W's firmware from 2.1.18 to 2.1.51, hoping to resolve an issue with high memory utilization.

The memory utilization has dropped from 95% to around 82%, but the CPU utilization has increased and now hits 100% quite regularly...

I attempted to upgrade the firmware via the router's web interface, which didn't appear to be successful. I then uploaded the firmware upgrade file, which appears to have been successful.

However, when checking the Firmware & Configuration (Network) page I am now presented with the following notification:

Any ideas on how I can resolve these issues without having to restore the factory default settings?

Kind regards,


Hi Vanden,

Engineering is looking at this in the lab and should respond shortly.



Hi Vanden,

High CPU utilization is 100% is always seen or is it intermittent. Do you have heavy traffic at that time when high CPU is reached? If so, please let us know what the type of traffic in this case.

Also a dbglogs from the device would be helpful.To get the logs, please log on to SA500 web UI and in the URL type   -  https://IP_address_of_SA500/scgi-bin/dbglog.cgi

Please note that the file will contains passwords, so please remove/change them before sending the file. You can send the file through private messaging feature on this portal.

For upgrade issue, not sure if I understand what do you mean by 'unsuccessful upgrade via router's web interface' - do you mean upgrading SA500 through WAN interface, login remotely and it failed? You also mentioned that you were successful in getting the upgrade. Could you also describe how did you succeed.



Hi Nitin,

The high CPU utilization (100%) is fairly intermittent... the memory utilization is still reasonably high all day.

I've saved the dbglogs, as requested.

Regarding the upgrade, I successfully logged on to the router from a remote location using the public IP address. I then went to Administration > Firmware and Configuration > Network and, under "Check For New Firmware & Download", I clicked the Check Now button. After determining that new firmware was available, I selected Upgrade.

The router rebooted but did not appear to apply the firmware update (2.1.51).

I successfully applied the firmware update by logging on to the router whilst connected to the LAN and uploading the firmware upgrade file. The Primary Firmware Version is 2.1.51 and the Secondary Firmware Version is 2.1.18. However, the router still displays the message regarding the "upgrade to the latest firmware".

In addition, a site-to-site VPN connection we had created now no longer connects to the Cisco router since the firmware upgrade; the IPSec VPN connection status is "IPsec SA Not Established".

Kind regards,


Hi Vanden,

Thanks for the details description regarding upgrade process. I have send out an email and it will be helpful if you could respond back with dbglogs.

The dbglogs might help us to understand the VPN issue you have reported. If needed I will ask you for more information.

I will update you with our findings.



Hi Nitin,

I have sent the dbglogs to you in a separate e-mail.

I hope that this helps.

Many thanks,



I'm having the same issue, minus the rebooting that Ed reported.  Memory usage is constantly < 75% and my VPN users (between 8 - 10 at a time) all report significant connection hiccups as it begins to climb.  I have yet to upgrade to the 2.1.51 firmware (currently on 2.1.18) as when I attempted a network upgrade via "Check For New Firmware & Download" it appeared that something was going on (got the message to refresh every so often to see progress) yet no install/upgrade took place.  This is the same as what Vanden detailed on 8/24 (prior to manually installing it.)

Just thought I'd chime in....seems like the engineers are already checking it out.  Hope a fix comes soon.

Hi Abrothman,

There is a significant improvement in 2.1.51 firmware in terms of memory usage and stablity. So we highly recommend to upgrade to the latest version.

"Check for New Firmware & Download" will only download the firmware image to RAM memory. It will NOT upload automatically and will require administrator to start the upgrade process as this will reboot the SA500 device.

We are looking into the logs provided by the other customer here on this post.



Hello, I am having the same issue with the SA520W rebooting.

One day, the SA520W was locked up, with no LAN lights on at all.  Power cycling would not help, so it had to be hard-reset.  At that time I upgraded to 2.1.51 firmware, restored my settings, and resumed operation.

Since that restore, which was a Tuesday afternoon, the SA520W will reboot itself regularly every Tuesday, sometimes multiple times in the day.  It seems to function fine during the week.

I called support on this issue, but since this unit is 15 months old, it is out of the 12 month warranty.  Big disappointment =(

I have also enabled logging at the "Warning" and above level, and am continually getting errors, approximately 200 in the past hour.  I'm not sure if it is related or not.  Examples:

Wed Oct 5 12:50:14 2011(GMT -0400)WARNKernelIN=bdg100 OUT= MAC=33:33:00:00:00:0c:b4:74:9f:b8:72:0f: 86:dd SRC=fe80:0000:0000:0000:a5f9:edc7:b58b:3 8d0 DST=ff02:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0 00c LEN=165 TC=0 HOPLIMIT=1 FLOWLBL=0 PROTO=UDP SPT=60813 DPT=1900 LEN=125
Component: KERNEL

Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemIP: 166.82.[IP REMOVED]
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemBCAST: 166.82.[IP REM]
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemSUBNET:
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemGW: 166.82.[IP REM]
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemDNS1: 207.91.[IP REM]
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemDNS2: 166.102.[IP REM]
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:52 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystemInterface:eth1
Component: PLATFORM

Wed Oct 5 12:47:58 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystem[BONJOUR_ERROR]: De-Registering the service
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:59 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystem[BONJOUR_ERROR]: De-Registering the service
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:47:59 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystem[BONJOUR_ERROR]: DNSServiceRegister returned err=0
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:48:00 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystem[BONJOUR_ERROR]: De-Registering the service
Component: PLATFORM
Wed Oct 5 12:48:00 2011(GMT -0400)ERRORSystem[BONJOUR_ERROR]: DNSServiceRegister returned err=0
Component: PLATFORM

I would appreciate any help.  The nearly 10 minute reboot times completely kills the entire business network during critical office hours when it randomly restarts, and is really frustrating my client.

I have downloaded the dbglog.tgz. Would you like me to send it to you, or start a new thread?


Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

When you upgraded to 2.1.51, you said that you restored the settings. Did you restore from a saved config file? The release notes for that version of software states:

"Write down or take screen-shots of your existing configuration settings. After upgrading to version SA500-K9-2.1.51 you must manually re-enter these settings by using the SA500 Configuration Utility.

This is necessary because the SA500 is reset to factory defaults as part of the upgrade process and the previous configuration back-up file format is

incompatible with the format required for version SA500-K9-2.1.51."

Please try this if you did not do the upgrade this way.

Please let me know the outcome.


Eric Moyers

Cisco Network Support Engineer

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless


Hi Eric and nmanglik,

Thank you for the replies.  I was in and out of town this week.

Eric, I understood, as with previous upgrades, that you only have to manually re-program ALL of your settings if upgrading from a 1.x firmware or earlier.  Since I was moving from 2.1.18 to 2.1.51, I assumed this would not be necessary.  I'm sure you understand the time commitment and tediously high amount of work required to reprogram literally hundreds of settings, configurations, reservations and firewall rules.  Are you seriously suggesting that Cisco is requiring all of it's users across the world to manually do this each time there is a firmware upgrade to fix problems with the device?  This is quite unreasonable, takes many hours, and surely there is another option.

So, yes, after the device completely locked up and was unrecoverable (2.1.18), I performed a hard reset.  After it finally came back up, I upgraded to 2.1.51.  After a successful upgrade, I restored my saved config file from before the crash.  It seemed to work well, until it started rebooting randomly.

NManglik, I sent you a private message.

In the meantime, I have swapped the device back to the secondary firmware (2.1.18) which has been running solid for 4 days now (though with high CPU and Memory usage, as usual).  Hopefully it won't completely lock up on me again while we try to resolve this.

thank you for your time and assistance so far!

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