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SA520 - SSL VPN & CSR for 2048 cert from Go Daddy

I have set up a SSL VPN that works, but now want a cert so I can give it a name for users go to instead of an IP.

So I create the CSR and send it in, only to have Go Daddy say it's "corrupt"  and that it's a 1024 and they only create 2048 certs.

I've followed different treads, the SA520 help guide, Cisco documentation, called Cisco SMB support twice and still can not get a proper CSR that Go Daddy will accept.  Now the really frustrating thing is Cisco says there is bug and 2048 is not supported.  But I see in discussions on this site some have got Go Daddy to accept the CSR and send them a Cert.

So, has anyone with a SA520 firmware 2.1.71 successfully created a CSR, sent it to Go Daddy, imported the Cert and have a valid SSL VPN working?

If so, please help!!  The time I've spent on this is ridiculious.  Maybe it's as simple as a specific firmware that works with this as their config is pretty simple, we just want a domain name for SSL VPN.

Tom Watts

Jef, I have confirmed with L2 the current beta firmware supports 2048 bit cert from Verisign. Curtis Counsil, a forum poster may also be extremely helpful as he has fought this battle a long time and has used several releases for his business' purpose.

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Thank you Thomas do you mean beta or 2.1.72 beta?  I've tried already and dropped back to 2.1.71 thinking that was the issue but same results.

Also I would like to stay with Go Daddy if possible due to cost as there is quite a difference.