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SA520W Confused about wireless DHCP

Hi Folks.  Sorry if this seems simple.  I am unsure of the process.

SA520W 2.1.71 firmware.  Comcast static IP, Small Business Server 2008 network. 10 internal desktops on 192.168.16.xx wired LAN connections.  All works good.  3 internal laptops on 192.168.16.xx wireless LAN connections, all works good. 

Three wireless WIFI enabled Android Smartphones - cannot get IP addresses.  They connect OK to SA520W wireless account but fail on acquiring an IP address.

Because this is a SBS server DHCP is provided by the SBS server.  SBS will not tolerate another DHCP server on the network.   So DHCP on the SA520W is disabled.  Both the internal desktops and the wireless laptops are members of the SBS domain and receive their IPs when logging into the SBS DHCP server.

What is the best way to enable the smartphones to acquire a DHCP address to access the Internet via WIFI?  They are not required to be part of the LAN domain (I wouldn't have any idea how to connect them to the domain anyway).

Perhaps I am missing something fundamental here but I sure would appreciate any help you might offer.



Hello Jrengel,

According to  the information found and previous cases, we found that there is an issue with the Android devices. These devices does not get access if is receiving a classless IP address by DHCP.

I hope this information helps you.

Diego Rodriguez

Cisco network engineer

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Hello Jrengel,

As Diego mentioned, this is a known issue with the Android devices. These devices do not get access if it is receiving a classless IP address by DHCP. So there is no best way to connect the Android Smart Phones via DHCP through SA520 device.

Here is a workaround.

- Try to assign IP Address statically on the android phones within the DHCP IP Address range of 192.168.16.xx

Please mark this question as answered if this sollution work and let us know if you need any more assistance. 

Thanking you,

Prabhjit Singh Bagga

Nnennaya Udochu