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SA520W load balancing question


I've recently setup a SA520W and am trying to configure it for load balancing.  I have DSL (soon to be switched over to T1) and a wireless provider (Clearwire) as ISP's.  I have only assigned a few protocols to use the secondary (wireless) connection but when the users are on the web their access is noticeably slower when load balancing is enabled.  If I only have a few protocols using the optional WAN port, why would performance be affected?  I understand the wireless connection is probably slower but I'm just not sure I understand why it would even enter into the equation when users are on the web.  I have switched settings back to failover only, using the primary WAN port and performance improved immediately.

Is there anything I'm missing as far as configuring the load balancing?  The options there seem limited but maybe I'm just not seeing everything.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Arphilyaw,

If possible, can you provide us the dbglogs when the issue occurs - load balancing with protocol binding.

To get the dbglog from SA520W, login through web UI and in the URL type 

https://IP_address_of_SA520W/scgi-bin/dbglog.cgi            (where IP_address_of_SA520W – is the IP address of the SA520W router).

These logs will store password, so please remove any password sensitive information. Also if you are not comfortable posting the dbglog on the community, you can send it directly to me through IM or email.


Nitin Manglik

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