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SA540, IPSec VPN and OS X, save password


As a consutlant, I've many setup with Cisco SA 540 / 520 providing IPSec VPN with the user database on the router or a Radius authentication on OS X Server. It's workperfectly well with OS X and iOS built-in VPN client and my customers are really happy with that.

But today I've a request that I've never have before. One of my customer want to allow clients to save the VPN account password… And I don't know how to set that!

All other users are perfectly happy to don't be allowed to save the password but here I've one who want to do that…

So anyone can explain to me how configure the SA 540 to allow users to save their VPN password?

Best regards,

Yoann Gini.


I do not believe that there is a way to setup a Mac, or an iPhone/iPad for that matter, to not prompt for the VPN password.  I think that is by design by Apple.  We have an HP touchpad user that connects to our SA540.  The Touchpad allows the user to save the password (and thus not prompt for the password).  We of course ask that our VPN users to setup their devices to not save their password.

Once Cisco updates the SA500 Series routers to support AnyConnect (which was on the roadmap at one point), we will no longer allow IPSec VPN connections.  IMO, there is just too much maintenance involved with IPSec.

Hum, as long as the OS X VPN Client allow to save the password until the first connexion to the Cisco VPN server, I think it's a configuration send by the SA500, even if the HP TouchPad don't support it…

BTW, I hope the futur support of AnyConnect dont remove the support of standard IPSec VPN… But it's futur, it's not solve my problem today…


Hi, I believe you can use Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility to set the VPN settings and save the password. The utility also works with iPad.

With regards



When configuring Ipad 2 for an Ipsec Vpn conn to my asa, I noticed the same issue

password appears as grey and cannot be fullfilled.

But I solved it :

1) on asa, configure password-storage enable in your vpngroup policy a

2) establish a vpn to asa

3) disconnect

Now, you can fullfill your password in your Ipad vpn profile

I am using both certificate and aaa for ipad ipsec vpn

I am unable to obtain this automatic connection with Anyconnect, its always asking for a password



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