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Site to Site VPN with RV042 and WRV210 with DynDNS and PAT


                   Following is  my Scenario.


                   In head office I will have RV042 and in Branch WRV210. I have a server in HO and Client machines at branches. Need a synchronization between server and clients. Both server and client may initiate the traffic. So two way communication is required. The solution is Gateway to Gateway VPN.

Connectivity at head office


Internet--DSL Router ---> RV042 -----> Application Server

Connectivity at Branch


Internet -- 3Gmodem Router --->WRV210 ------Application Client machines

                  In head office i have static global which can be configured on RV042 internet interface direcly.

                  In branch I plan to work with DynDNS. In the branch WRV210 will be connected to LAN port of 3G modem Router. So the internet interface

   of WRV210 will not have public ip. it  will be a private ip address. I tried to configure port address translation for IP Sec in 3G router.

                After above configuration setup. I found tunnel status as " Waiting for connection"


                In the VPN log I found " Expected < Public IP> but peer is <private IP>.

                I do not know the Head office RV042 able to see the private ip nated behind global. Any how tunnel is not up and it not working.

                If anybody has suggetions ,it will be great.

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Site to Site VPN with RV042 and WRV210 with DynDNS and PAT

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Hi Mohamed my name is Johnnatan and I am part of the Small business Support community.I´ve seen your post, and you can configure your VPN without any problem using  the configuration above.

You can use a domain in the Branch (in this case DynDns)  and in your HO you can use a static IP.Let me share with you some documents in order to help you.

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Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

Cisco network support engineer.

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Site to Site VPN with RV042 and WRV210 with DynDNS and PAT

Hello Mohamed,

I am working on your case. Can you please tell me the model of your 3G modem Router and whether the router supports VPN passthrough/NAT traversal ?


Swati Venkitachalam

Small Business Content Developer