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Site to site VPN with RVL200 routers - some questions


I maintain a small network - 11  clients and 1 server. The server is a WS2008R2 domain controller - the  clients login to the server as active directory user. Now there is a  need to connect a remote location to the network. The primary site has a  DSL connection with a static IP and a cheap router. The remote site has  DSL with dynamic IP and the same router. I bought two RVL200 routers  thinking this would do the job. The plan is to replace the existing  routers at each location with the RVL200's, configure a VPN tunnel  between the routers, and thereby "virtually" connect the remote location  to the network. Here are my questions ...

1) Is this plan as described doable?

2) How do the remote client machines "see" the network. Do they actually think they are on the primary site's LAN?

2a)  Where will the remote client get its IP address? I'm assuming from its  own RVL200 ... but then it will obviously not be on the same subnet as  the primary site - so how will it access the server, etc.?

3) Can ALL traffic - not just "intranet" traffic - be routed over the VPN tunnel? (Will that happen automatically?)

3a)  The reason for 3 is ... they do per-user internet access control  through software running on the server, so they want to force all  internet access from these remote clients to go through the same path as  the local clients at the primary site.

Thanks for your time in reading / responding.


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Te-Kai Liu
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Rising star

With a site-to-site VPN tunnel, users in a remote site will see computers in the main site on a different subnet.

If you want all traffic directed to the site-to-site tunnel, you could try the configuration outlined in the the following doc.

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