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site to site vpn

Dean Thompson

I have two sites that I am trying to connect, site (a) is a large school network using PPTP on the VPN, the remote site I need to connect to site (b) has a DSL modem with a static IP Address.

For testing purposes I bought a small Cisco RV042 of which I intend on connecting to the DSL modem and putting the Modem in bridge mode.  What I need to do or figure out is this, how to connect site (b) to site (a) using the RV042 and connecting it to a PPTP VPN.

Trust me when I say I am no VPN expert, I can connect my laptop to site (a) and RDP to the server I need, but I need to configure some equipment that will use the RV042 as a Gateway to the other network, if you follow my drift.

Can it be done? if so could someone give me some pointers on how to go about doing this? I am kinda stuck and need to get working on this Site to Site VPN asap.

Many Thanks in advance.

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nitin mohan

Let me know what devices you have on cisco side ? is it asa or router

I am uncertain as to what the infrastructure is on the Main Network, I do not actually work for the School system but I am a contractor working on our equipment within the one building (Building Automation).  Just trying to figure a way to connect the two sites securly and using the existing VPN the School system already has in place.

Sorry I can't elaborate much more on this.

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