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SSL VPN service stopping

ISA550 SSL VPN no response at time. I have to disable and re-enable the service and all is ok for a couple of days. The latest firmware is installed. What can be done to reslove this issue?                  

Vladyslav Samko

Try to reboot your ISA

I to have this problem, latest firmware 1.2.17. Restarting the VPN service fixes the issue for a few days but it always reoccurs, rebooting the ISA does the same. I am using Any connect 3.0.2052 (the supplied CD version). The issue did not occur prior to updating the firmware from version 1.2.15 & the device was factory reset with the config reapplied after the upgrade. Unfortunatly rolling back to 1.2.15 is not an option as 1.2.17 fixes other critial bugs in our system.

To the others affected you could contact Cisco TAC who have a Beta firmware to test. I personally am unwilling to do that in a production enviroment.


I have the some problem with  ISA 570 with the last firmware instaled 1.2.17.

What can i do to resolve this????

Try disabling all unused services and use the latest Anyconnect 3.0.X


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Abner Musonda

Has anyone made any progress??? I am having the same issues.


I am having the same issue, experienced it on 1.2.17 and now on 1.2.20.  Very frustrating.  For me, restarting the SLL VPN service only fixes it about 1/10 occurrances, all others require reboot.  Used to go months between lockup, now it is days.  Have had Cisco support look at this in the past and they had no ideas.  This is becoming a HUGE issue for us.

Abner Musonda

I'm not sure if this will help but i havent had VPN issues in a while with the following settings. (Keep in mind there are only 1-2 people that actually use it)


Turn off Network Status>Usage Reports>"Enable Bandwidth Usage Report by Internet Service" and "Enable Website Visits Report"

Also, "Spam Filter" and "Anti-virus"are disabled in Security Services as well as Security Services Reports.


Abner M.


   We only have 1 persistent and 1 occasional SSL VPN user ourselves.  All of our usage reports were already turned off, and I went ahead and disabled all security services for testing.  Even after turning SSL VPN off and on again, I still can not connect.  Rebooting the ISA550W will resolve the issue, but that turns every phone in the organization off and can only be done after hours.  Thanks for the advice, just want to reply that it unfortunately did not help us.

Oh I understand, We are running the ISA570 without wireless. We have access points instead.