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Cisco script in Zero Touch config that would copy VDSL firmware file from USB to flash on router to use


I haven't worked much with scripting on Cisco. But what I'm trying to do is to create a script that would run when I use zero touch for Cisco 800 series.

So when I plug the USB into the router and boot it, he will get the config off the USB but he is not using our fully tested firmware that has worked against the DSLAM. 

So it should be like this.

Router starts up gets the .cfg from the USB file, that has the script included.

He would then run the script and copy the correct vdsl firmware file from the USB to the flash: of the router.

I really would appreciate your help.

Edit -- 

After sitting over this all day I figured a way to get this to work.

So when the router boots up he will wait 10 seconds and run this script 1 time. Copying from USB flash firmware for VDSL controller. Then bouncing the controller up and down to enable to new firmware. This is what worked for me. Reason for wait timers, is because it seems to bug if I don't make the script wait before entering commands. Debug shows invalid input otherwise.

event manager applet copyvdslfirmware authorization bypass
event timer countdown name eem time 10 maxrun 120 ratelimit 1
action 1 wait 2
action 2 cli command "enable"
action 3 wait 2
action 4 cli command "copy usbflash0:VA_A_39m_B_38h3_24h.bin flash:" pattern "filename"
action 5 wait 2
action 6 cli command ""
action 7 wait 10
action 7.1 cli command "conf t"
action 7.2 wait 2
action 8 cli command "controller VDSL 0"
action 9 cli command "shutdown"
action 9.1 wait 2
action 9.2 cli command "no shutdown"
action 9.3 cli command "exit"

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I do not believe 800-series router support ZeroTouch as a Client.

They do support it, I'm using it. Just trying to get this script working.