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Cant SSH to RV340 Router


I have enabled ssh on RV340 via downloading the configuration and setting ssh from false to true 

then uploading back to the router


When I try to ssh i m able to connect and enter credentials but unfortunately getting the following error  

Server refused to allocate pty


RV340 Firmware Version:


any idea ? 

VIP Mentor

did you even read my post :) . i can already enter my credentials as i already enabled ssh 

i m simply getting Server refused to allocate pty error when i type the password

VIP Mentor

I may have overlooked, was in the impression you do not have an SSH connection at all.


In general "Server refused to allocate pty error" - you have encountered was due to or maybe below reason - 

SSH client is not able to find the relevant ssh key to provide to the server. this may be due to the ssh client you use.


try different ssh client and test.


Interesting using another client i m getting Network Error: Connection
Timed out

the router is pretty much online and i am able to ping it.
and using putty like i mentioned i get prompted and i m able to enter


one thing we trying figure out with cisco support is that we are seeing packet errors on the LAN port

so not sure if that what is causing this