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Cisco introduces new Catalyst 1000 series of switches

Community Manager

cat 1k 300X250.pngCisco helps you grow your business and your network reliably. Introducing the new Catalyst 1000 series switches that provide your small business network with  flexibility, simplicity, scalability and security for deployments of up to 250 users. Read more about how Cisco helps you grow your business with confidence.


Please When will it be orderable on CCW?

Community Manager

@emmanuelarthur Per the product manager, it should be orderable by mid-December. 


I see that there are 8 and 16 port models that have an external power supply.  But I can't seem to find a spare power supply SKU.   Are spare power supplies for the external PSU models available?


@jedavis Those models come with the external power supply by default, that's why there are no SKUs to order for spare power supplies.


Right, so lets compare two 8 port full power models


C1000-8FP-2G-LCatalyst 1000 8port GE, POE, 2x1G SFP
C1000-8FP-E-2G-LCatalyst 1000 8port GE, Full POE, Ext PS, 2x1G SFP
PWR-ADPT-150WPower adaptor, 150W, Catalyst 1000 Series


The only difference between these 2 models is that one has an integrated power supply and one has an external power supply.  What advantage does one have over the other?  IMO not much.  The only reason that I can think of to get the one with the external PSU is so you can have a spare on hand.  But if I can't order a spare that advantage vanishes.  I suppose you could make an argument for greater longevity due to less heat in the chassis, but the data sheet doesn't make this differentiation.  So... what is the advantage of the external power supply?


Hi There,


Was wondering if there is an product literature that illustrates the major differences between Catalysy 1000 Series against 550X series?