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RV260P & RV345P


Hi. We have been looking at using either the RV260P or RV345P as basically a "network in a box" type of solution for some of our small customers. The hope is we can use these devices when the customer has 8 or fewer VoIP phones rather than deploying a small business router and a separate small business poe switch. The layout is simple- create a data vlan and a voice vlan and ensure QoS. Do these routers support auto voice vlan across their LAN ports? Do they support CDP or LLDP? Has anyone on here used these in this capacity? 

Thanks in advance. 

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VIP Mentor

Sure couple of known customers use the same use-case here, its good to deploy as PoC for 2 sites and observe the feature you looking is working as expected. then roll out the rest of the place is a good idea.