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Small Business Support Newsletter - November 2019

Cisco Employee


You're invited! 




Welcome and thanks for visiting the Small Business Community Newsletter. This is our first of what we will make a monthly newsletter where you will be provided information on New products and trends, What’s happening in the community, and news on our content development efforts. We hope this information will prove beneficial to you as you continue your journey to Cisco Small Business Support.


It's our hope to gain your feedback and deliver the content our community most wants to see produced. Here's what we're thinking for this space:


  • Constructive feedback on support documentation and related video content
  • Topic Suggestions for Video and Docs
  • Content format suggestions
  • Gauging feedback on future changes to our docs or videos
  • Product Suggestions


This effort will be driven by the feedback we receive, so if you like this - let us know. And if you happen to not like it, definitely let us know what we could do better.






Cisco Business Wireless Access Points and the new Mesh Extenders offer simple-to-deploy, flexible, and secure wireless solutions designed to empower small business to communicate and collaborate like never before. Cisco Business Wireless Access Points and Mesh Extenders will be available in January 2020.






Introducing, Our Pick: Documents the support team's way of highlighting documents we produce that you may find helpful. Additionally, here's user of the month, our opportunity to highlight the effort of a special user. This month it's Lissa, who wrote a blog on the purpose of a business class VPN router. To you, Lissa, thank you!





Article-highlight-router.png Article-highlight-router-2.png
Article-highlight-wireless.png Article-highlight-software.png
mstp-best-practices.png Article-highlight-wireless2.png






For fans of video, we have Our Pick: Videos  via Cisco Tech Talks on offer. We love making these videos for you so if you have any ideas, please let us know!


video-highlight-Router.png video-highlight-Wireless.png





Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. Look at that! We made it all the way to the conclusion of the newsletter without a single "ping" pun.  Tune in next month when we find out how long this streak will last!