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Cisco Business Dashboard

This forum is to provide support for the Cisco Business Dashboard Network Management Platform. Cisco...

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I have a CISCO CBS 350 28 Port Network Switch which has 16 Crestron NVX Encoders and Decoders used for Multicast Video Streams. The encoders are used to convert my laptop hdmi output to Multicast Video Packets and stream it to the decoders which then...

CBW240AC-B Factory reset boot fail.

Hey, thank you for your time. I have a CBW249AC-B as mentioned in the title. When I attempt a factory reset using the "paper clip" method, my device seems to fail/shutdown with no SSID for the ciscobusiness setup showing. I have boot logs and it show...

RSnet by Beginner
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SASD running slow

Hi everyone,  I'm hoping I can get some advice on our SASD 7.12.1 clients running increasingly sluggish.  The PC spec is fine, well over recommended, OS clean too.  There's not much guidance I can find on client upkeep / app healthcheck, not much in ...

Resolved! RV130W - Firmware Upgrade Greyed Out

Cisco RV130W Trying to upgrade the firmware but it is greyed out.  I was able to download the firmware with no problem. I do log in as the admin (cisco).   The issue is that after 3-5 minutes of remote activity, the connection is dropped.  The intern...

ACETech by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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rv340w the admin panel does not open

I live in Russia, the admin panel has stopped working for everyone, right? I enter the correct username and password, then it just spins all the time and that's it, it doesn't write any errors

braben by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Cisco RV042 & RV042G routers locking up

Is anyone else having all their Cisco RV042 & RV042 locking up weekly.  Almost every router I have sold to my clients are locking up weekly. They all have the newest firmware. Is there a DOS attach going on? This just started about a month ago and I'...

NedPrime by Beginner
  • 35 replies
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Resolved! Cannot change password on CBS250 switch

Hey,I simply cannot change a password on the CBS250-8T-D in my lab. No matter what password I try (I tried a bunch ranging between 10 and 14 characters), I'm always gettingPassword rejected - Passwords must not match words in the dictionary, and mus...

nahk by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! MIBs for CBS350 and CBS250

Hi All,New to the forum, so apologies if my search foo has not come up with a post to help.I am trying to download the MIB collection for a CBS350-8FP-2G and CBS250-8PP-D.I was able to download the 3.2 firmware for both switches without a problem, bu...

smiths121 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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RV340W LAN Ports L2 only?

Hi,Is there any chance to configure a LAN port as a routed L3 port on the RV340W or are they only L2 ports as the GUI suggests?I tried to connect the RV340W to a SG250 L3 routed port without success and I would like to know if I can do it without def...

XYZ987 by Beginner
  • 0 replies
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RV340 VPN L2TP connection problem

I am trying to create a L2TP VPN connection between Windows 10 computers and an RV340 router.  I followed this procedure ( carefully, but I get the error message "The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security la...

CCCSteve by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! WPA3-OWE supported by 150AX?

Hello,Does the 150AX support WPA3-OWE (Enhanced Open)? It's essentially an 9105AXI (ap1g8) with a modified version of EWC, correct? The 9105AXI does support OWE, but I can't find anything about the 150AX.We currently use 1815i APs with Mobility Expre...

Maurice_ by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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