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EOL & EOS for harware

Hi ,

could some one please advise if there is any tool to check the end of life and end of sales for cisco hardware (switches and routers).

I have been asked to check these details of entire network.

Any advise will be very helpful



Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

Yes try this Cisco Feature Navigator theres an EOL tab

Hi mark ,


Thanks for reply that tool is only for IOS , i am looking for hardware EOS,EOL like what is the EOL for csico 6500 etc.


Hello muhammad,

Cisco Active Advisor will provide this information for you.  You use it to scan all your devices and once loaded you can view your warranty info and when it expires as well as eol and eos.  It will also send you email alerts for the same info as the expiration dates get close.


Hope this helps,

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Hi charles,


Its very good tool i like it very much but unfortunately i am not allowed to scan due to network policy . Is there any way that i can just input the hardware detail and i well get the EOL and EOS details.


thanks alot

The minimum you can scan is two ip addresses at a time.  If this is against your policy as well, the other option would be to use device checker, which is under tools and resources.

Enter the serial number in device checker then click on the product id which will be in blue(warranty info is provided as well).  This will take you to Specifications overview page, which will list the EOL and EOS.


Hope this helps,

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Hi Charles,


Thanks again for your reply,


when i used the device coverage checker tool its shows me one green tick saying covered. Can you please advise how do i see the details of EOL, EOS

many thanks for your help.




Hey Muhammad,

Click on the blue product id/link (example: WS-C3750X-48PF-L) and it will take you to the specifications overview:

Cisco Catalyst 3750X-48PF-L Switch

Hi Charles,


May be cisco has updated the Advisory tool, i am not getting this option under tools and resources.

could you please suggest where i can search EOL and EOS by just entering model or serial number. why it so complex for some device to find its EOL and EOS.





Hello and thank you for your question.

I don't know about enterprise devices, but if you are using Cisco Small Business devices then you are in luck.

There is a software that was released not too long ago that will be able to scan your network for Small Business devices and tell you right there and then if those devices need firmware upgrades, if they are EOL or if they will be EOL soon.

The tool is called FINDIT version 2 and you can get it from the following link:

i hope this helps

hi cchamorr,


Thanks for the reply,


Its actually enterprise network for some reason i am not allowed to post this query other then small business , but that software is very handy good to know that.