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Adding a new SIP Trunk ITSP into CCA - TouchTone G711


With CCA 1.9 and higher, there is an option to create XML templates for SIP trunk ITSPs that can be imported into CCA. To create an XML template, please fill out the information requested below and create a new post / discussion on the UC500 forum. The UC500 team will respond in a timely manner. If there are questions about the below, please also raise them in the forum post.

SIP Trunk XML template requirements - Items in BOLD are mandatory:

Name of ITSP TouchTone (G729)Enter name as you would like to see it in CCA drop down, please keep this as short as possible
Dialplan localeUSA(optional) provide the country locale if you know this
Display Proxy Server (Primary) fieldYesfield to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's primary SIP proxy server
Display Proxy Server (Backup) fieldYes(optional) field to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's backup SIP proxy server
Display Registrar Server fieldNofield to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's SIP registrar server, this is required if ITSP requires SIP registrations
Display Outbound Proxy Server fieldNofield to enter IP address or DNS of ITSP's Session Border Controller, this is required if ITSP has an SBC that is different compared to its proxy server.
Display Digest Authentication (Username / Password)Nofield to enter username / password for SIP registration or calling, this is required if Registrar Server is present
Display Customer Company Name fieldNo(optional)  choose YES if specific caller name is required for outbound calls, usually ITSP does this
Display Call Admission Control fieldNo(optional) choose YES if ITSP requires the UC500 limit # of SIP calls, usually ITSP does this
Display User Credentials fieldNo(optional) choose YES if ITSP requires SIP registration of all DIDs associated to the UC500 with a unique username / password per DID
Voice CodecG.729Choose one of the 3 codecs shown
Fax protocolT.38Choose one of the 2 methods - T.38 or G.711 upspeed
RFC2833 (DTMF) payload type101Default value is 101, if change is required, then enter value in range from 97 to 121
Should UC500 register all DIDs to ITSPNoTypically most ITSPs register only the main number but if all numbers are required then choose YES
Is SIP registration for DID(s) using same username / password or unique username / password per DIDNAAnswer Yes or No only if above row is YES.

NOTE: The XML templates are generated based on input above - self testing will be required to ensure the template meets the SIP Trunk ITSP requirements.

For more information on SIP trunking on the UC500 and tips on how to import the XML template using CCA, please visit the SIP trunk page below:

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The DialPlan locale is USA. Sorry.