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BE 6000 9.0 is now orderable


Cisco is happy to announce that BE 6000 9.0 is now orderable.

The top level part numbers CBE6K-K9-NEW and R-CBE6K-K9 are now orderable through Cisco Commerce Workspace. The part numbers are also configurable through dynamic configuration tool. The part numbers are currently on New product hold.. Cisco manufacturing will be clearing new product hold very soon and the expected lead time will be 21 days for new orders.

The distribution bundles BE6K-UCL9X-50USR= and BE6K-UCL9X-100USR= are expected to be orderable the week of October 22n. Cisco manufacturing is currently processing test orders for the distribution bundles.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with configuring or ordering BE 6000 9.0 by responding to this post.  We will address configuration issues as quickly as we can. The one issue that we are currently aware of is the following.

CCW does not allow attaching software maintenance for VCS. This is a known limitation of CCW. CCW will allow choosing only one type of software maintenance service. VCS requires ECMU service and other BE 6000 licenses require ESW. If you choose ESW, ECMU will be droppped and vice versa. It is recommended that you order ECMU for VCS components separately using CSCC.

Thank you for your patience.


We are currently working on one issue in CCW with pricing for UCSS-U SKUs not showing up in the tool. This issue seen only with CCW and not the Dynamic configuraiton tool.

This issue does not affect UCL bundle without UCSS. It affects only CUWL configurations.


R-CBE6K-K9 still does not appear in the CCW Next Gen Config Tool.

Cisco Employee

It dos show up in my CCW window (not in the drop-down box, but if you enter the full SKU and click on "Add" it will show up) - see screenshot

Screen shot 2012-10-17 at 15.28.26.png


I was able to get it in CCW by adding the entire part number.  But after configuring users, I get an error that states "some line items are improperly configured".  I also get an error on the add services screen "A technical error has occurred on pricing. Please contact customer service  for assistance. (D1012)".  I don't seem to be able to get a valid config no matter what I change.

Looks like the issue is with this sub-part number: BE6K-UWL-CMAPPS2BE.  As soon as I click that part, the total price blanks and I can't get a valid configuration.

Cisco Employee

We are aware of this - see comment from Arun Ragunathan posted above. A case has been opened to resolve this issue.


Brand new ordering tool and we are being told that you can't even order the appropriate maintenance contracts for a product in it and we have to start using multiple tools again... Does anyone at Cisco have any idea how many quotes and orders are going to get mishandled because of this?!?

Please pass me the contact information or procedure for voicing my serious concern on CCW's failings.


UCSS-U pricing issue is now resolved.

We are currently working the issue with "Add services" for R-CBE6K-K9.

Thanks again for your feedback. Appreciate your patience as we work through an unusual number of CCW issues with this release.

Cisco Employee

Has anyone successfully validated

  UCL or CUWL in CCW?

Problem #1:

It seems to be throwing up on VCS services, whether you actually want VCS or not.  When I add services to VCS, CCW removes all other ESW services.  When I remove VCS services, CCW barks the following error. 

Problem #2:  UCM-90-ENHP-UCL has no UCSS available:

Lack of UCSS on this one item invalidates the entire config as CCW seems to want the same UCSS on all items.


Pl see below.

Problem #1: This is just a warning. CCW will validate configurations without VCS services. As I mentioned in the original post, VCS services have to be added separately through CSCC. CCW does not allow you to select both ESW and ECMU (for VCS) in the same configuration.

Here are the services for VCS

LIC-VCSE-5+       -     ECMU  CON-ECMU-LICVCSE   $900

LIC-VCS-10+              ECMU  CON-ECMU-LICVCS1   $900

Problem #2  Technical error with adding BE6K-UCL-ENHP.  This issue is now resolved.


I am still not able to add any ESW services to the UCM-9X-ESS-UCL and UCM-9X-UWL-BE).



The issue we had was the top level SKU R-CBE6K-K9 did not have ESW mapping. WE have this issue corrected and the change is replicating through the system. I am hoping you should be able to add ESW to R-CBE6K-K9 before the end of the day.

You will know the mapping has replicated through the system when "Add Services" is enabled at the top level SKU R-CBE6K-K9.


Cisco Employee

For  R-CBE6K-K9 9&3 upgrade SKUs, CCW is adding UCSS for both the $9 and the $0 by default, therefore duplicating UCSS.   Adding services duplicated services on both the $9 and the $0 line item as well.


We are in the process of resolving the UCSS/ESW double counting issue with 9x3 migration SKUs. We expect to have this issue resolved by early next week.



When will the SKU show up for taking the 5 seat of ENH that come with CCX and move them off box, basicallly the BDL SKU? I know thats a CCX issue bu those are still not available and ins pite of my repeated emails to the CCX team isnt resolved. So it makes those 5 ENH seats bundled frankly useless


Sini - I am checking wiht the CCX team. I will get back to you once i hear from them.