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BE 6000 9.0 is now orderable


Cisco is happy to announce that BE 6000 9.0 is now orderable.

The top level part numbers CBE6K-K9-NEW and R-CBE6K-K9 are now orderable through Cisco Commerce Workspace. The part numbers are also configurable through dynamic configuration tool. The part numbers are currently on New product hold.. Cisco manufacturing will be clearing new product hold very soon and the expected lead time will be 21 days for new orders.

The distribution bundles BE6K-UCL9X-50USR= and BE6K-UCL9X-100USR= are expected to be orderable the week of October 22n. Cisco manufacturing is currently processing test orders for the distribution bundles.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with configuring or ordering BE 6000 9.0 by responding to this post.  We will address configuration issues as quickly as we can. The one issue that we are currently aware of is the following.

CCW does not allow attaching software maintenance for VCS. This is a known limitation of CCW. CCW will allow choosing only one type of software maintenance service. VCS requires ECMU service and other BE 6000 licenses require ESW. If you choose ESW, ECMU will be droppped and vice versa. It is recommended that you order ECMU for VCS components separately using CSCC.

Thank you for your patience.


BE6000 9.0 is now off of NPH (New product hold). The distribution bundles BE6K-UCL9X-50USR= and BE6K-UCL9X-100USR= are noq orderable as well. Current lead time for new orders is 21 days or less. Please let us know if you are running into any lead time issues.

We expect to have the UCSS/ESW double countin issue wit 9x3 migration SKUs under R-CBE6K-K9 add-on part number early this week.



I pinged Girish on this and we are going back and forth so I will keep you posted. I am good for now



Cisco Employee

Hi Arun ,

I am facing an issues with CMBE6K SKU# R-CBE6K-K9. The 9*3 promo offer for voicemail does not work.

Getting the following error :  Please advice....Error.JPG

Cisco Employee


we are facing the issue, that when a partner is using partner branded services and would like to add services to the UCS, the partner can only use Cisco Branded services for the server and the whole services will change to cisco branded, even the software services . work around? solution?

many thnaks for your advise



Hi August,

The team updated the services mapping on the  BE6K UCS service to include partner branded services last night. Please allow 48 hours for propagation through the systems.




The top level part code has been changed in the new December ordering guide, dropping the -NEW suffix to become "

CBE6K-K9". Any particular reason for this?

The ESW does not come up in CCW. Any reason for this?

Can you please advise when this will be corrected we have active opportunities and are now not sure what to do?

Can we still use the "old" top level CBE6K-K9-NEW or will they miss out on something??



Hi Ben,

You can continue to use "NEW" sku as we continue to setup mappings on the "CBE6K-K9" sku.   There is no change in the what is included between the two SKU, so you will not miss out on anything :).




Is there someting in the ordering guide that reflects when to use this SKU?   IE, perfect example:

Customer has BE5K, but their UCSS contracts had expired.

Typically I would do 9&3 and a new server and we are set to go.

But looking at this, should use this SKU + 9&3 or what is the recommended method to the madness?



Its quite clearly called out in the OG under the migrations section when to use this SKU.

Section 3.10 Scenario 2

Use CBE6K-K9 SKU for 12995 MIG SKU and then use R-CBE6K for the UCL 9X3 SKU.

What's the confusion here?


Community Member

I need asap a full description from BE 6000 in pdf or word .

Where is possible get it?

Community Member

I am trying to create a 3yr UCSS quote in CSCC for the following 2 items and i keep getting this error: Error Code D1012: "The action you requested could not be complete due to a pricing error." However, i can get a valid quote if i only quote them for 1yr. Support does not know why i can only quote this for 1yr year or why i am getting this error. What does it mean and how can i create a 3yr UCSS quote for these items.