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Button Separators In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CME) and UC500


Cisco IOS button commands

I've seen a bit of confusion on the site regarding Button Separators used for assigning an Ephone-dn (or extension) to an ephone.

an example of the syntax to assign a extention with ephone-dn tag 17 with a normal ring, to button one on an ephone with a tag of one would be:

ephone 1
mac-address 1111.2222.abcd
button 1:17

There are different separators available to you from the command line:

  • : Normal Ring
  • b - beep but no ring. No audible ring but callwaiting does beep. Visual activity on phone is same as normal ring
  • f - feature ring. Ring cadence changes and internal and external calls have different cadences
  • m - monitor mode on a shared line.  line status indicator shows if line is in use.  Can be used as spped dial to monitored line.  Can not  accept incoming calls.
  • w - Watch mode for all lines that this DN is the primary number.
  • s - slient ring. Suppresses Audible alerts and call waiting sound for this line.  Visual alerting is the same as a normal ring.

Overlay dn button commands:

An overlay set allows you to map many ephone-dns to one physical button on the phone.

  • o creates an overlay set without call waiting
  • c creates an overlay set with call waiting
  • x creates an overlay rollover / expansion button - for use when a primary overy button is occupied with a call instead of using call waiting.

an example of the syntax to assign a extention with ephone-dn tag 17, and ephone-dn18 , to button two on an ephone with a tag of 3 would be:

ephone 2
mac-address 1111.2222.abcd
button 3o17,18