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Call Transfer with Analog Phone on FXS Port


From: jcrowder


I would like to transfer calls on my analog phones connected to my FXS ports to another phone. I've searched on and couldn't find anything.

My current call flow has all incoming calls going to a wireless phone connected to an FXS port that has an ephone-dn assigned to it. I need to be able to transfer calls to another phone if needed.


As I understand what you are saying, you are using a cordless analog phone to one of the FXS ports. They should be auto assigned an extension, and support call transfering to another extension.

It's not a technical answer, but under the Q.A of the UC500 on, has your answer:
Q. Does the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series support SCCP on FXS ports?
A. Yes, the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series supports SCCP on FXS ports that enable call features such as Call Transfer, Call Hold, 3-way conferencing, Call Pickup, etc.

Hope that helps.


config t
fac standard

Standard FAC Description

**1 plus optional extension number
Call forward all.

Call forward all cancel.

Pick up local group.

**4 plus group number
Pick up a ringing call in the specified pickup group. Specified pickup group must already configured in Cisco Unified CME.

**5 plus extension number
Pick up direct extension.

**6 plus optional park-slot number
Call park, if the phone user has an active call and if the phone user presses the Transfer soft key (IP phone) or hookflash (analog phone) before dialing this FAC. Target park slot must be already configured in Cisco Unified CME.

Do not disturb.


Dial voice-mail number.

*3 plus hunt group pilot number
Join ephone-hunt group. If multiple hunt groups have been created that allow dynamic membership, the hunt group to be joined is identified by its pilot number.

Activate or deactivate hunt group logout functionality to toggle between ready/not-ready status of an extension when an hunt group agent is off-hook.

Activate or deactivate phone-level hunt group logout to toggle between ready/not-ready status of all extensions on a individual phone that is a member of an ephone hunt group when the phone is idle.

Dials the voice-mail number.

Leave ephone-hunt group. Telephone or extension number must already be configured as a dynamic member of a hunt group.

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