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causedCUCC Bug Tracking

No.PriorityStatusDescriptionSubmit DateEngineerDetails (Text,   Pic   or link to file on a folder/server etc.)
11DiscardUnity Connection     server information is missing1/7/2014Navin Albert
21Verified"Invalid first Unified CM   Node" error. Wendy got the same issue when configuring 9.1 CUCM by using both old and new CUCC1/22/2014Navin Albert/Wendy
31VerifiedCreate New user and device profile- No template available. Get the error Invalid first CUCM1/23/2014Sandeep
41VerifiedVideo Endpoint Deployment- No template available1/23/2014Sandeep
51DiscardCUC integration - Integration   does work,ports arent getting registered after integration with CUCM1/23/2014Sandeep
71VerifiedSelf Prov: Why do we need UDT,   FGT, ULT, etc. These need to be removed and default names need to be populated. There should be a CSV file in the tar bundled that indicates what configuration is being fed in to the tool 1/29/2014Navin
81VerifiedSelf Prov: Why do we need   Default, Allow User Provisioning, Urgent Priority.1/29/2014Navin
91VerifiedSelf Prov: We need self provisining to setup the Active Directory mask. 1/29/2014Navin
101VerifiedSelf Privisioning is not working, self provisioning user ID is not populated into CUCM1/29/2014Navin
111DiscardEndpoint Deployment button should be called Extension Mobility button at step 31/29/2014Navin
121DiscardPhone button screen does not let   me modify CSS and Device Pool.1/29/2014Navin
133DiscardPartners need a detailed log of every configuration that was insterted2/10/2014Navin Albert
141DiscardRename "Video Endpoint deployment" to  "Endpoint Deployment" and move to Step 2. The screen must provide option upload through CSV for all endpoints and not just video endpoints.2/10/2014Navin Albert
151OpenRename the 9.0 "Endpoint deployment" to " Update Endpoint" .  Also Extension Mobility user should be   able to logout and the auto log out should be set to 8 hours. Since Self   Provisioning has been introduced in CUCC, permanent extension mobility phones   are no longer necessary2/10/2014Navin Albert
161VerifiedUnity Connection Configuration   must use the information in     "Voice Messaging Information" on page on the "Deploy   New configuration" menu option and then use that same information to do   UC integrtion. The Unity connection ip address must be collected in the last   scree on the " Deploy New Configuration" wizard right next to where   the UCM information is collected. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
171VerifiedGateway Text file with IOS commands is not being displayed after being exported. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
181Discard911 Dial pattern must use local Route group. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
191VerifiedSingle Number reach - Mobile   number can be specified in the CSV file and the patner should be able to upload the file in the SNR wizard.  A CSV template file should be provided. SNR Timers must be included in the CSV file.2/10/2014Navin Albert
201DiscardIf LDAP is used with SNR,   partner should be able to upload a file with Userid and Cell Phone number   that populates SNR or directly populate it from a field in LDAP. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
211DiscardThere should be "Remote   Profile Name" field. That should be Auto-populated with with UserID_ RP2/10/2014Navin Albert
221DiscardRemote Desitination name should   be populated from the CSV file. Partner should be able to upload multiple   remote destination for the same user. There should be a sample spread sheet   with a few users and having Remote Destination names like Home, Mobile2/10/2014Navin Albert
231VerifiedSNR is not populating anything on UCM. It is not working 2/10/2014Navin Albert
241VerifiedVideo End point needs to be  changed to "Import Endpoints"   and moved under Step 2. Partner should be able to upload any type of   end points, not only Video endpoints from this section. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
251DiscardWhen CSV file is used to import   users it must populate Unity Connection as well and create mail boxes as it   would with LDAP - To be tested 2/10/2014Navin Albert
261DiscardJabber for iPhone, Ipad Support2/10/2014Navin Albert
271OpenVoicemail to email support is supposed to be in the feature list. Can't find it anywhere. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
281VerifiedSNR CSV file should include setting up timers. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
291DiscardIf SNR is left blank then all   the default parameters should be populated except remote destination   number. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
303OpenAll Pop screens need to be  corrected2/10/2014Navin Albert
311DiscardSNR Time information should be uploaded through CSV2/10/2014Navin Albert
323OpenPartners need documentation of   what configuration is dumped into UCM and Unity Connection2/10/2014Navin Albert
353DiscardSelf Prov: Need   "Setup" speedial button to IVR1/29/2014Navin
363DiscardUnity Connection should be   abreviated as CUxN in all places1/29/2014Navin
372VerifiedTemplate needed for the User  device profile.Can include the old template in the tool.Just need to update   the zip file with the old template2/5/2014Sandeep
382VeriiedVideo Endpoint Deployment-no   template available.Please include template in the video Endpoint deployment2/5/2014Sandeep
394VerifiedDeploy New Configuration wizard   erases the old configuration on CUCM as well.Need a way to determine if there   are old configs and update them as necessary or give a warning to the   customers that it would erase any old configs ,they would need to backup the   data2/5/2014Sandeep
402VerifiedWe need a check box to turn on or off Auto-Registration. If it is turned-off then the related fields must be   greyed out in dial plan information screen,2/10/2014Navin Albert
412DiscardIPs address on CUC   configuration I am assuming is asking for CCM IP address. That should be   directly taken from UCM configuration. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
423VerifiedWhen any configurtion is   completed, the window that we hit configure on should be closed. Instead a   log window showing what was done should be exposed. The logs should be as   detailed as possible by default. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
483OpenWhy do we need   'Save All data entered for future serssions' in the "server and site information" screen ? It is should be the same as   done   in the previous version.1/7/2014Navin Albert
503VerifiedLdap   System   information-spelling for Ldap is set as Ladp1/10/2014Sandeep
513VerifiedHelp   page still has   the old SBCC title and contents.1/10/2014Sandeep
523VerfiedCUC   integration-Only   Skinny integration method is used by default.Need to change   this   behaviour to include SIP.1/10/2014Sandeep
563VerifiedI have no remote sites yet the   summary shows 2 digits1/14/2014Patricknot corrected with
573VerifiedDate/Time Group Name Wrong in   summary Page1/14/2014Patricknot corrected with
583VerifiedIn the deployment Size screen,   the word Guide should have an "e"1/22/2014Navin Albert
593VerifiedIn the New CUCM Server and Site   "support..." should be "supported"1/22/2014Navin Albert
603DiscardSingle Number Reach-Works   fine,but will be enabled for all the users,no optionof enabling per user   basis1/23/2014Sandeep
613VerfiedThere should be no "."   after the Accept on the first screen1/29/2014Navin
624VerifiedFocus should be on "New  Deployment" button when tool is first launched.1/29/2014Navin
633Discard"e" missing in Guide   in "Deployment Size" Screen1/29/2014Navin
642Verified3rd Option on deployment should   be "Enterprise UC" in the "Deployment Size Screen"1/29/2014Navin
653VerifiedChange "UC Manager   Template" to "UC Base Config template"1/29/2014Navin
663OpenChange help text on UC Manager   template - In word doc1/29/2014Navin
673OpenCorrent sentence in "Server   and Site" screen: Support.. - In word doc1/29/2014Navin
683OpenChange Context sensitive help in   "Deployment Size screen" - In Word doc.1/29/2014Navin
693OpenFormatting issue on NTP server   IP - In Word Doc1/29/2014Navin
703OpenFormatting issues on  DMI   Subnet mask and other. - In Work doc - In word doc1/29/2014Navin
713OpenHelp on New CUCM server and Site   screen - In word doc1/29/2014Navin
721VerifiedSelf Provisioning is not   populating "Self-Service user ID" field in User when configuered  through manual.1/29/2014Navin
733OpenSelf Provisioning Help needs to  be provided 1/29/2014Navin
743DiscardOnce configuration is completed   on the Phone configuration screen the window must close.1/29/2014Navin
753VerifiedNumber of users when you select   BE6000 option in New Deployment Screen still gives the option of 5000 and   10000 when you first open the screen,2/5/2014Sandeep
763DiscardLDAP configuration is still   spelt as Ladp in LDAP configuration.Need to change it as LDAP System   information2/5/2014Sandeep
773DiscardWhat does the "Save All   data for future sessions" checkbox do? We need to be clear about what it   does. Our advice is to remove it if it is not important. But before you   remove it, I would like to understand what it does2/10/2014Navin Albert
783DiscardNeed to add Service number 9.X11   to sample Dial plan spread sheet 2/10/2014Navin Albert
793VerifiedWhen you close a pop window on   the application it must say " Are you sure you want to close this   Window" and not "are you sure you want to quit this   application". The 2nd message should appear only when you close the main   window. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
803DiscardCheck spelling on   "Configure" pop up confirmation buttons2/10/2014Navin Albert
813VerifiedThere must be an warning in the   Import Endpoints section that Video Endpoints are supported only with UC 10.x2/10/2014Navin Albert
823DiscardSip server should be optional in   site configurtion. If know SIP server is specified, object related to it   should not be created. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
834OpenIn the Support Pop up. There   should a button that says "Make a Wish". This should link to an   email to cisco-cucc-feedback. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
843DiscardWe need sites to have an   adittional field that specifies the intersite, intra site codes and Video   codec and set the Regions appropriately 2/10/2014Navin Albert
854OpenAbility to right click and open   file on the Browse window2/10/2014Navin Albert
864VerifiedIf LDAP is not chosen then   Wizard must not ask to do a full sync2/10/2014Navin Albert
874OpenThe Summary information page   must show the Dial plan chose and not the full path. 2/10/2014Navin Albert

884OpenWhen you save configuration file   at the last step, it should be saved as BE6K deployment and not start with   UCM name. 2/10/2014Navin Albert
895VerifiedSelf     provisioning--why the need for CTi RP?? Do we really need to enable this   for   10.0 version?1/10/2014Sandeep
90DDiscardSingle Number Reach-Template   needed for entering destination numbers for the users.Would become tedious   task for administrators if they need to enter the information here2/5/2014Sandeep
912Verified"Invalid first CM node" when test connection if CM node name is given with IP at the 1st page of "Deploy New Configuration"2/11/2014Wendy
921Verified"Invalid second CM node" error message when sub is provided2/11/2014Wendy
933VerifiedUser is asked to perform LDAP database sync even LDAP is disabled2/11/2014Wendy
944OpenPhone NTP and Date/Time Group Defaults can't be modified by Deploying New Configuration2/12/2014Wendy
952OpenPhone NTP and Date/Time Group Defaults can't be modified by Modifying Configuration2/12/2014Wendy
963OpenCUC version is incorrect when testing connection 2/12/2014Wendy
974OpenContext Sensitive Help doesn't match the error message in CUC Configuration2/12/2014Wendy
984Verified"Back" button is greyed out after confure video end points2/12/2014Wendy
994VerifiedWarning message doesn't make sense when click cancel button. It happens for cancel buttons at all windows.2/12/2014Wendy
1001VerifiedVideo endpoint can't be added most of the time2/12/2014Wendy
1013DiscardUnity Connection Telephony Integrations window still display the original input information after configuring is successful2/14/2014Wendy
1022VerifiedSNR search button intermittently comes back with "User list search Error" even there are some users don't have primary extension2/14/2014Wendy
1034DiscardSNR can't be configured, there are no template and no "add user" button2/14/2014Wendy
1043DiscardPhone still exists in CUCM at Device->Phone page even the phone has been removed in CUCC phone deployment2/14/2014Wendy
1053VerifiedNothing can be updated at Phone Deployment page2/14/2014Wendy
1063openSelf-Provisioning page should not display if user selected pre-10.x CUCM2/18/2014Patrick
1072Open19 out of 24 voice mail ports are registered when integration method is SCCP2/19/2014Wendy
1082VerifiedMWI ON and OFF number in CUC is swapped2/19/2014Wendy
1091VerifiedDevice profile doesn't have Extension Mobility service subscribed2/19/2014Wendy
1102VerifiedNeed to have option to select device protocol SIP or SCCP when template selected in "Import Endpoint" is the type of phone which supports both SCCP and SIP. CUCC sets to SCCP without choice in CUCM phone page2/19/2014Wendy
1113VerifiedThe top of popup screen still shows "Video Endpoint Support" when click on "Import Endpoint"2/19/2014Wendy
1124VerifiedPopup window contains grammar error such as "This process will filter the users which do not contains primary extension"2/19/2014Wendy
1132VerifiedSample user csv file includes incorrect information. It should include first name, last name, userID, primary extension and telephone number. Please refer to the old CUCC.2/20/2014Wendy
1143VerifiedAuthentication code becomes mandatory even "no authentication required" when continue with last saved session2/20/2014Wendy
1153VerifiedMWI on and off number are not needed when voice mail integration method is SIP. CUCC should grey these 2 fields out and should not configure CUCM message waiting number2/20/2014Wendy
1163VerifiedFirst Name and Last name is not populated in the User settings in Unity Connection2/20/2014Navin
1173OpenNumber of users should be up to 40000, number of servers should be up to 92/21/2014Wendy
1181OpenUnity Connection must sync with UCM users when using LDAP. We need to find a work around to the problem2/21/2014Navin
1193OpenWhen saving the session, the file name is still starting with BE6K even the system is selected as Enterprise UC2/21/2014Wendy
1201OpenVoice mail doesn't work when integration method is SIP. There is reorder tone when pressing VM button and the call doesn't CFNA to VM2/24/2014Wendy
1212OpenExisting configuration is not erased when deploy new configure or modify configure through CUCC, even CUCC tool indicates that the current configuration will be removed2/24/2014Wendy
1222OpenVoicemail tempoary PIN number should be configured2/24/2014Wendy
1232OpenSNR Template csv file doesn't include Remore Destination Profile column2/25/2014Wendy
1242OpenSNR CSV file only can update one user in user list2/25/2014Wendy
1252OpenAfter filling in some fields in SNR, always get "xxx can't be blank" if clicking anywhere. Administrator even can't click checkbox to remove any user2/25/2014Wendy
1263Open"UC Base Configuration Template" appears twice for menu "Modify Deployment"2/25/2014Wendy
1271OpenCan't click Next to go to next page at "Dial Plan Information" page for "Modify Deployment"2/25/2014Wendy
1283OpenEndpoint template CSV file should include phone module template in "Import Endpoint" so that administrator doesn't need to set them in CUCC individually2/25/2014Wendy
1291OpenThe phone's DN doesn't have partition when it is added through "Import Endpoint", it caused the call to this phone failed.2/25/2014Wendy
1303OpenCUCC can't modify destination phone number for SNR if user with SNR enabled in CUCM2/25/2014Wendy
1312OpenUpdate User List using CSV file shouldn't be greyed out if administrator doesn't search in CUCM2/25/2014Wendy
1322VerifiedSNR timers are not pupulated correctly to CUCM. The timer set in CUCC is 3*4*12, but CUCM still shows 4.0*1.5*19.02/25/2014Wendy

"Deploy New Configuration" is stuck at "preparing to clear data"

1342VerifiedSite code is not provisioned properly in UCM "Translation Pattern", it caused site to site dialing failed with site code2/26/2014Wendy
1353OpenHow many site digit specified doesn't control the real site code in "Site Information" page2/26/2014Wendy
1363OpenLDAP mask should be capital XXXX, CUCC should validate it2/26/2014Wendy
1374OpenUnity Connection IP address always needs to be inputed at the last page of Deploy Confiuration page even administrator uses the saved session2/26/2014Wendy
1384OpenCUCC shouldn't allow duplicated SIP Gateway IP for different sites
1392OpenDiscard digits at called party transformation section for PSTN route pattern is set to None by CUCC, it caused CUCM sends prefix digit 9 to outbound SIP trunk2/26/2014Wendy
1402OpenQuotes should be allowed in Description column at "Modify User and Device profile" menu becaue the quotes are automatically added by UCM for auto registered phones2/27/2014Wendy
1412Open"Modify user and device profile" didn't add users to unity. If it works fine, it would be a good work around for LDAP issue which doesn't configure users to unity2/27/2014Wendy
1423Open"Modify user and device profile"  shows css as css_base, but ucm shows none for the phone. After modifying, css is not modified in UCM2/27/2014Wendy
1421OpenIf users are added through LDAP, nothing works. When Modify users and Device Profile, nothing is modified in UCM and Unity. Phones and phones DN still don't have CSS, partition, no device profile exists in UCM. Phones can't make any call except internal extn to extn dialing.2/28/2014Wendy
1431OpenReroute calling search space has to be configured in Remote Destination profile, otherwise SNR won't work03/04/2014Wendy
1442OpenCUCC needs to configure "03/04/2014Wendy
1454OpenDuplicated configure log when configure SNR03/04/2014Wendy
1461OpenDesign change request: Device Profile should NOT be configured and mentioned at step 2 "Create New User and Device Profiles" and "Modify User and Device Profiles". At Step 2 "Modify User and Device Profiles", CUCC should add calling search space to DN.03/04/2014Wendy
1472OpenLine CSS which was set at "Create New User" can't be modified at "Import Endpoint" even though this menu has "Set line CSS". If it can't be modified, please remove it from "Import Endpoint" menu.03/04/2014Wendy
1482OpenUsers can't be added in Unity when "create New user and Device Profiles"if CUCC tool hasbeen used for a while. This problem doesn't exist if CUCC tool is just launched. There seems to be memory leaking issue.03/05/2014Wendy
1492VerifiedRoute partition and CSS at CUCC_ULT in User Management->User/Phone Add->Universl Line Template need to be configured to PAR_Base and CSS_Base by default, so that all DNs are configured with default partition and CSS when sync user from LDAP and do a self provisioning03/05/2014Wendy
1502OpenRenam "Update Endpoint with Extension Mobility" to "Update Endpoint"03/05/2014Wendy
1512OpenWhen CUCC working with 9.x UCM, no SIP trunk to unity is configured, no route pattern to VM pilot is configured03/06/2014Wendy
1523OpenEndUserTemplate:  example of phone number and mail ID are not correct03/07/2014Wendy

"Modify User" can't modify CSS for DN  (LDAP case), so that phone's DN only has CSS_Base, they can't

call PSTN, only can dial internal extension.

1541OenVoice mail pilot route pattern partition is none, it should be PAR_Base03/07/2014Wendy

SIP trunk to Unity, SIP trunk Security profile has to be changed from "Unity Connection SIP trunk Security

profile" to "Non Secure SIP trunk profile", SIP Profile changed from "Unity Connection SIP profile" to

"Standard SIP Profile", then pressing VM button, greetings can be heard.

1561OpenFor LDAP, DNs Call Forward and Call Pickup Settings are not checked for Voice Mail. it caused the phone rings forever, the call doesn't forward to voice mai03/07/2014Wendy
1571Open"Accept Unsolicited Notification" needs to be enabled in "Non Secure SIP Trunk Profile", otherwise MWI won't work03/07/2014Wendy
1582OpenWhen using LDAP, no Device profile is created, so Extension Mobility doesn't work03/07/2014Wendy
1591OpenVoice mail though SIP integration doesn't work when workin on 9.0 CUCM and Unity connection. Found that the port group in Unity is not configured with TFTP server, and also the IPV6 IP should be blank instead of 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1, Port and TLS port should be 2000 and 2443.03/07/2014Wendy