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CCA FEEDBACK: Let us know what you think


Welcome to CCA Feedback page. We would like to hear from you! If you have any questions, product feedback, or feature requests, please post them right here.

Best Regards,

CCA Team


I have been using the CCA tool since I got my UC520 last year, and for someone who doesnt have in depth knowledge of the CLI for Cisco this tool is a must.

However on the downside I have noticed sometime on the earlier release when using CCA it would add additional line code or commands in where it was missing or even commands that were required to have a certain function work.

On the next release I would like to see a function that will allow you to edit the ACL list as also in the past i have ran into issues with the self generated ACL list.

Overall; awesome application which saves alot of time and effort and heart ache....

Thanks... Keep up the good work



I share some of the same concerns as David does in this thread regarding the CLI configuration getting a bit sloppy from CCA configuration

That said, I have been working with CCA from the beginning and the product has come a long way. It drastically reduces the time required to deploy a UC500, which is great. Thanks Cisco, and I am really looking forward to the 2.2.5 release.

I also have a feature request for CCA as well. Please see the following thread:



CCA is a good tool, but still should be used by someone who knows what they are doing. I recommend (Cisco) that you not make it like so many other products that are trying to be real consumer friendly, which end up with a lot more support calls and complaints to us; I still think to do it right you need the right person or people.

That being said, how about a ``sandbox area`in CCA where it would see the CLI command entered, notify you of them, and let them stay in the configuration without trying to `fix`them. Years ago (I forget which product) one of your GUI`s had this, it said ``i don`t know these commands but if you want to keep them select whatever`` and it allowed the product to take them. Worked great.


Bob James

Arturo Bianchi


I find the tool yet to refine and improve especially on the side 'speed'. It is often slow on operations!

I installed the new version in hopes of solving some problems but now I can not use it ... at login reports a problem that I can not solve :-( The popup window shows: "Failed to authenticate with the device at ip.ip.ip.ip using TELNET. TELNET access is required for access to voice configuration. Cannot continue. Exiting CCA."

Ok, maybe the problem is associated in some way as above but I can not understand how it was turned off telnet access and I am still 'dangerous' to log into telnet (I looked with Wireshark and actually pass in username and pwd clear on the network).

Now I can not access the appliance with CCA, even for a trivial change ip :-(





We are having an issue with SIP registration with UC500 using CCA, currently we are only registering the main number to our network. But if you use CCA 2.2(5) or CCA 2.2.(4) to configure the UC500, the CCA will add all the extension/DID numbers in the SIP registration section of the config file. And that is not what we want. The only work-around is to manually use the CLI command to delete all the entries and restart the system. Can someone talk me if this is a bug in CCA?



Arturo Bianchi

With the CCA is the doubt about if something does not break something else... I partially tamed the SIP trunk using the XML configuration file but still not working as it should.

Mysterious things happen, increasing parking slots 2 to 3 jumped configuration recorder live, I compared the configuration:

ephone-dn  290
+ number 703 no-reg primary
+ park-slot
+ label Attesa #3
- number 100 no-reg primary
  name LiveRecord
  call-forward all 399

...opssss!  He used the same ephone-dn?? Bhoooo, I start CCA and I had to disable and re-enable liverecord to fix it (ie not using the CLI) but, opssss, I don't have my park slot #3!

Maybe try again to put the park slot # 3, but later, now CCA is loading, loading, loading... better not disturb him!

NB: Unfortunately, something must have messed up, but hopefully not! The last time this happened,I had to return the UC at factory cfg :-(

Anyway back to the SIP trunk, a possible feature may be to put a privacy flag to enable and disable the passage of certain info ... if someone calls, the UC send the name and number of the extension (first extension on blast!) and, at timeout, the number to which the forward the call: this is not always desirable!

The user level is not automatically loaded when login on UC probably because it lacks something like

aaa authentication login default local
aaa authorization exec default local

in factory configuration.

NB: for example Cisco Small Office Manager does not work.

Management of VPN, firewall & NAT like ASDM and however, the speed and optimization are the foundation, always too slow ....

But only a magical tool, when? SDM, ASDM, CNP, CNA, CCA, CSBOM, ecc. ecc. :-(

To forget ... Can a dashboard of a voice system report if someone is using voice with the charm of the old pbx console?



Arturo Bianchi

Hi Tim,

I think you can handle it, the XML file I see the following line:


Maybe you need to send a request to prepare an XML file for your carrier, see the following document:

I saw through the XML file, acquires the configuration parameters that you can not specify otherwise, so I made myself a file to my SIP provider, then when I get more information ask staff to confirm or make the final file.




Can you please allow the feature of configuring NAT with multiple external IP addresses?  I've ran into a few situations where the client had multiple external IP addresses and in order to perform NAT for services like email, website, etc for multiple machines, I had no choice but to go to CLI..


Hi Team CCA

Can you please include the ability for CCA to configure "hotdesking" to allow users to login to any IP Phone. At this point I think this is achievable only by CLI and is not supported.



Extension Mobility (hotdesking) is on the roadmap for the CCA 3.0 release. There should be a beta for partners towards the beginning of November.



Hello. Will CCA be supporting the new c88X routers (voice capable) ?




I've found CCA to cause more problems than it resolves.  Randomly removes or defaults components of the configuration when connecting to a system (systems only ever configured by CCA, so not a CLI/CCA compatibility issue).  Last two examples:

- UC520 updated via CCA 2.2(4) to 8.0(2), after the update, SSL VPN stopped working

- This morning on customer site, told by TAC to upgrade to 8.0(4) from 8.0(2) to resolve a call drop issue, CCA hung at 92% of "loading voice related configuration".  After 10 minutes shut CCA down and customer then advised that the time of day settings appeared not to be working (calls were coming in when they should have been answered by out of hours script)

I'm about at the point of banning the use of it by our tech's and/or customers.  The removal of the CUE GUI in 8.0(4) is going to cause us some problems (please reverse this, it was one GUI that is really useful).

The one component that was useful was the software upgrade component.  But I can't fire up CCA without it altering something so it's CLI all the way.  Costs the customer more, but I'd rather that then let them have an unstable system.


Feature request: a way to validate configuration files for CCA. Let it tell me what lines CCA understands, what lines CCA does not understand, and finally, what lines it does not care to read at all (OOB) in any configuration file I specify.

Anna Tsukerman

Thank you for your feedback, Brian. I've seen the request to edit ACLs few times before, and I'm tracking it in my CCA Feature Request Master List. It is not currently on the roadmap, but we may consider it for one of the future releases.

Thank you,


Anna Tsukerman

Thank you for your feedback, Cole. I've added your feature request to the list