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CCA v2.0 introduces Telephony Setup Wizard


One of the major highlights in CCA v2.0 is Telephony Setup Wizard (TSW). The attached document is an overview of Telephony Setup Wizard of CCA v2.0. Partners are encouraged to use Telephony Setup Wizard to configure Smart Business Communications System (SBCS); and provide feedback to Cisco.

There are some requirements that must be met before TSW can be used:

1. Unified Communication 500 (UC500) series device must be reset to factory-default configuration. If device is being configured first time after shipping from Cisco, it already has factory-default configuration. If TSW complains about UC500 not in factory reset status, refer to Smart Business Communications System 1.5 Implementation Guide available at Cisco Smart Designs website to learn how to reset the UC500 device to factory-default configuration.

2. There must be only one network connection enabled on the laptop PC running the CCA application. This is the network connection between PC running CCA and UC500 device. All other network connections, including wireless, must be disabled.

3. All IP Phones connected must be registered with extension provided by factory-default configuration. Make sure that no IP Phone is in transition state such as downloading firmware, registration in progress or being used for a voice call.


We tried the TSW for the first time today and recvd this error:


some errors occurred

fault code is:


fault detail is:

The request timeout for the sent message was reached without receiving a response from the server

fault string is:

request timed out

Anyone else seen this? Maybe something on our end- user error?

Cisco Employee

Hi Stacy,

Please collect the following info:

1. When does the eroor message appear - The screenshot for the entire TSW window when you see the error would be helpful

2. CCA troubleshooting log

You can unicast the info to me at




It happened at the very end- the final save in the wizard- and the timer bar started and the default message said it could take up to 30 minutes. We went to lunch, came back and of our 24 phones there were three extensions copied to them ( so  3 extensions/users were tied to about 7 phones each- weird!).

We did not get a screen shot at the time...


It could be that not all phones were fully registered with the default configuration prior to running the TSW.


We made sure they were- they each had a 3 digit default extension assigned...

We followed the directions and plugged in phones and let that take place, then we built 24 users in the TSW.



May I kindly ask you to open a case for this?




Why would the TSW continue to prompt on an already commissioned system that was recently upgraded to 7.0.3 ?

I'm sure Cisco would love us to wipe our config and start again, but in practical reality, this is impossible on client's systems.


I have seen this as well and as far as I can tell, it is just cosmetic and you can just close it and go on with your business. I will put in a request to turn it off.