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Cisco 6900, 7900, 8900, 9900 Series IP Phones Tips for OnPlus

Portal Feature


Cisco IP Phones are only discovered via CDP and CAM table entries. Since the phones reside on a different VLAN, the OnPlus Agent device is unable to discover them using other methods. If phones are plugged into a router/switch that is not supported by the OnPlus Portal, they will not display in the Topology.

Access/Device Information

A single phone should only be accessed once. The following information will be gathered: Serial number, information to make a PIDVID, and the software version. No other information is read or set, but the backup/restore and firmware via the management capabilities item in the Info tab are disabled.

Once the serial number has been set for a phone, it will not be accessed again. In some cases the phone will be accessed multiple times until the full discovery information is sent to the SN and then back down to the OnPlus Agent in the consumer_sani.xml file.

A phone may be accessed multiple times if it has a load from the factory that does not support HTTP access. Once the phone has been configured into a PBX system that supports HTTP access and has an upgraded the phone load, it will be accessed to obtain the needed information.

Note: Cisco OnPlus Service was tested with the 6921, 6941, and 6961 models, with feature support expected to apply to all other models in the series.