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Cisco IP Phone FW_update_TEL_20.pdf


The latest release of CCA includes a “Drag & Drop” capability, allowing you to upgrade the UC 500 system with a SPA5xx series phone load, by simply dragging the file from your PC desktop to the UC500 icon in the topology view of CCA. This takes care of all the otherwise manual steps you need to configure to get a new phone load to a SPA5xx series phone.

CCA also includes a capability under the Maintenance Drawer called the Phone Load Manager (PLM) which operates automatically during Software Upgrade, or can be launched standalone. The PLM reads the UC500 bundle zip, however, so if the phone load you are interested in pushing to a phone is not already in an official bundle zip, then it won’t help with an individual phone load.

When we first introduced the drag & drop, we knew it would be the more prevalent case where the newer phones (SPA5xx series) which probably undergo more frequent FW upgrades to address issues, since they are new. It was made easier to implement since these phones have only 1 file that needs to be dropped. Traditional Cisco IP Phones (like 79xx) have multiple files, and not as easy to implement drag and drop. As it was also not a higher priority since these phone models don’t usually get upgrades too frequent, and when they do, we drop them in the next bundle zip for the UC 500.

In is in the cases where a partner needs to upgrade a Cisco 79xx phone load manually, where this document would be needed. It includes all the steps you need to execute to get the phone upgraded automatically the next time they reset.