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Cisco Small Business Fimrware Release Notes




Does Cisco provide Release Notes for each firmware version for their Small Business products? I have recently downloaded a firmware version for SG300-28P and I cannot see release notes for the software version I downloaded. 


The current software version was 1.2 and I tried upgrading it to the latest version. However, it was not upgrading and instead giving an error stating Illegal Software version. After some googling, I came across one of Cisco's blogs on which someone stated that the switch file system was upgraded in firmware version and that I would need to upgrade to this version before I can upgrade to the latest version I could have avoided this if there were release notes for each firmware version stating the changes that have been made. An upgrade path tool would also have been helpful. 



Leo L
VIP Community Legend

Cisco has outsourced the maintenance of the documentation. 

Do not set a high expectation.

Thanks for getting back to me.

So does that mean there are no release notes for firmware versions for the Cisco Small Business products? Just to say not to set a high expectation, especially from Cisco, is quite dismissive when these switches are branded as Cisco switches. The product has a reflection on the Cisco brand and not the outsourced company.

Can customers put in a request to Cisco to ask the outsourced company to add release notes for firmware versions?

I feel like the Cisco Small Business switches are great for small-mid size businesses and can provide all the functionality that these businesses need especially with the higher-end models of these switches. Providing release notes or upgrade path tool for them would be great and very beneficial to the customers that have deployed the Cisco Small Business products within their network.

Leo L
VIP Community Legend

@akhasfarooq wrote:

So does that mean there are no release notes for firmware versions for the Cisco Small Business products?

The sub-contractors tasked at maintaining the documentation will publish the Release Notes.  Do not set a high expectation because the Release Notes might come out months away from the release of the firmware.  

Cisco Employee

Hi @akhasfarooq,


My name is Sunil Soni from Small Business TAC Team. Yes, Cisco does provide Release Notes for each firmware version for their Small Business products.

Just find the desired firmware version (available on Cisco's site), click on "Details" and there you can see the release note of that particular firmware version.

As the device was already running on the very older firmware version so you would have upgraded the boot code before directly upgrading the firmware version.

You can upgrade the boot code with the help of TFTP server and once the boot code will be upgraded successfully you need to restart the switch and then again upgrade the firmware to the desired version. Once the firmware upgrade process will be completed you be required to select active image and restart the switch again.

Kindly refer below mentioned link to download the latest firmware version and boot code.

Should further assistance required, please feel free to contact and get a new service request opened.

Cisco Support Frontline Phone Number: 000-800-040-1521

Cisco Support Worldwide Contacts:


Thanks & Regards,

Sunil Soni

Small Business TAC Team

Hi Sunil,

Many thanks for the details!