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Cisco Steps to Success for VoIP - UC500 SMB Version


We would like to see our Cisco SMB Partners be more successful and become more profitable.  We believe that through enablement, we can "teach you how to fish", so that you will encounter less roadblocks during your deployments.  Please download this spreadsheet and use it for your UC500 deployments.

Here is video link to help you understand the CSS spreadsheet layout.

Cisco Steps to Success - For the UC500 - Guide Part 1

Cisco Steps to Success - For the UC500 - Guide Part 2

This video explains how to use the bulk user import function

This video explains how to use the "Extension List" tab

Additional How-to videos

Feel free to comment

-Cisco TEE Team


Added VPN Server and NAT to network tab.


Added more questions to the site survey tab.


Thanks to you and the Technical Enablement Engineers for putting your heads together to come up with such a brilliant (Aaron's term) Legit (your term) piece of collateral.  Great job leading this and creating this to represent what you all have learned is required to be successful.

Once you feel good uptake by our partners in using it with them has been achieved, I htink a Good Morning Techies Webcast is in order.

For Partners Serious about UC540/UC560 (multiple deals pending) within 90 miles of any of this team, I encourage you to connect with your SBAM or VPAM and ask if they can be involved to help you with your next install, my treat.

These guys have been with me for several months now and have impressed the heck out of me.

Marcus Casimir =  NYC/NJ

Aaron Greenough = LA

Lou Gencarelli = Boston

Tim Sloan = Sacramento

Brent Hooper = Chicago

Oni Somroy = DC

Rob Castillo = Atlanta

Brian McCoy = Columbus

David Dunlap = Greensboro/Charlotte


Tutorial videos added


Extension List tab, with videos added.

Community Member


Thank you for the information.  I'm not sure if its just me or not, but I cannot access the video links mentioned above.  Can you please confirm that they are still valid.  Thanks again.


Videos have been posted on youtube.

Thank you!