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Cisco TelePresence System Codec C series, SX series, VX series: TRC5 remote tasks


The Cisco TelePresence System C series, SX series, and Profile series with Codec C series devices can use either the TRC5 remote or the touchscreen for user input, but they cannot use both devices at the same time.

TaskSteps to complete
Wake up the systemPress any key on the remote.
Toggle between text mode (abc) and number mode (123)Press abc/123 # for more than one second.
Display the home menuPress .
Display the phone bookPress .
Make a video or audio call, or accept an incoming callPress .
Ignore a video or audio call, end a call, or place a call in standby modePress to ignore an incoming video or audio call, end a call, or go into standby mode (when idle).
Remove incorrect entriesPress C. Characters to the left of the current cursor position are deleted.
Switch the microphone on and offPress .
Show or hide a presentationPress .
Adjust volume settingsPress + or on the button.
Zoom the camera in and outPress + or on the button.
Change the layoutPress and select a view.
Activate softkeysUse the function keys that appear in the upper part of the remote.
Navigate menus and optionsScroll through options by pressing ▶, ◀, ▲, or ▼. Press to select.