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Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Enhance Productivity, Work More Strategically

Provide all staff in your small or medium-sized business (SMB), not just call center agents, with an easy-to-use and more complete customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates Cisco Unified Communications with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application at the desktop, without the need for additional hardware. The latest version of the software is available in English and 19 other languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese), Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), and Japanese.

Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides:

  • Greater employee productivity and organizational efficiencies
  • Immediate information about inbound and outbound calls
  • Fast and easy "click to dial" functionality from CRM database records
  • Call duration tracking, information capture, and record creation

Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the first IP communications application to receive certification from Microsoft.

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Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Community Member

We are looking for a Cisco partner who can assist us with setup and configuration of a phone system that we need to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Please contact me to discuss.

Jason Neufeld

Marcos Hernandez

Hi Jason,

I have forwarded your request to our sales team. They will be contacting you soon.



Partner Locator is a self service tool found here:

Community Member


Tryong to find download to Cisco Unified connector for Microsoft CRM can anyone point me in the right direction?




Where is this downloaded from?


Don’t do it!!!!  It is a very flaky and unstable solution that has not had its code cracked in almost 4 years.

I have UC520 with 23 of my users using the Cisco TSP with Dynamics CRM call connector in a Win 7/2008R2/CRM4.0 environment

1)      The call connector does not connect to the server from hibernate or system resume state.  Only a fresh reboot so it is very annoying for users and they have learned to not rely on it

2)      The TSP does not play well with UAC.  It took an act of congress to configure around this.

3)      TSP connectivity is not hostname based so it becomes difficult to transverse a VPN if you have remote users

4)      CRMcall connector does not work with CIPC’s

5)      CRM 2011 is amazing and if you are on premise and planning to upgrade CRM connector does not work with 2011.

My suggestion is to go Exchange>Lync>CRM 2011.   You will have an end to end solution for call reporting, logging, queuing and advanced DB driven IVR functionality.   EG>   Route calls based on caller ID match of CRM account to account managers extension.  J  You can still use the UC500 just bypass the CUE for call handling and processing.    It is a clunky POS anyway.   If you have ever been embarrassed by the Dial by Name directory in CUE you know what I am talking about.