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Cisco Unified Communication Manager express



Cisco Communications Manager Express Wiki Page

Welcome to the Cisco Communications Manager Express (CME) Support Wiki a community based wiki page. Feel free to contribute content as you learn,find and stumble upon bits of information that make life easier for everyone that wants to use this alternative operating system at Cisco.

Latest News on November 20, 2008

Cisco receives Product Leadership Awards - Cisco Communications Manager Express 2007

The Cisco Product Marketing Team will be conducting a Distance Learning Opportunity for Cisco Unified CallConnector.

The Cisco Unified CallConnector (UCC) Installation and Troubleshooting Webinar teaches the student how to install and troubleshoot Cisco Unified CallConnector deployments combined with Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express (CME) version 4.2 and higher. These sessions will cover UCC Personal, UCC Server and UCC Mobility. This training session will also provide an overview of the new ISR – UC bundles, which include licenses for the UCC Personal desk top client.

To enroll, please to go the following link and sign up for 1 of the 4 sessions.
WebEx Online Event with registration at following URL:,M3,f592f485-bde6-4906-bbe0-1c4b58f86dab

CME 4.3/7.0 is now available with IOS 12.4(20)T.


Simple, Affordable All-In-One Communications

Deploy a cost-effective and highly reliable unified communications solution in your small office with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager Express). Embedded in the Cisco IOS Software that provides call processing for Cisco Unified IP phones, this solution enables the large portfolio of Cisco access and integrated services routers to deliver a comprehensive set of features commonly used by business customers.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express provides the following benefits:

  • A cost-effective, converged data and voice solution inside Cisco Integrated Services Routers
  • Key system and small PBX features plus innovative convergence applications for up to 240 users
  • Increased user productivity with Cisco Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Office, a presence-based Windows application that gives users call control, location, and status of other users
  • Single number reach function, which can forward incoming business calls to mobile or home phones based on user-specified call handling rules
  • An intuitive GUI for easy installation; adds, moves, and changes
  • Internetworking with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Industry-leading investment protection for future growth

Now you can scale IP telephony functionality to a small site or branch office with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, a solution in a single appliance that is low-cost, reliable, full-featured, and simple to deploy, administer, and maintain.

General Information

Compatibility Information

CME/IOS Compatibility Matrix - CME 4.3/7.0 is now available with IOS 12.4(20)T.  For more information, please review the "Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix"

CME Feature Map - For a list of features available with each CME version, a system administrator can refer to the CME feature history map.

CME Configuration Tool

As of Fall 2007, Cisco has stopped developing the Cisco Quick Config Tool (QCT).  QCT is being replaced by Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP).

CCP version 1.0, which is available as of May 2008 will support the following configuration features on Cisco ISRs:

  • All features in SDM v2.5
  • Firewall, VPN, routing, wireless,security audit, status monitoring, etc
  • Platforms supported – 86x, 88x, 18xx, 28xx, 38xx, 72xx

CCP version 1.1, which will be available as of August 2008, will add configuration support for the following features:

  • Content filtering
  • Voice - CME, CUE, functionality
  • Platforms supported –85x, 86x, 87x, 88x, 18xx, 28xx, 38xx, 72xx

For more information on Cisco Configuration Professional, please refer to the following references:

Security Best Practices

CME Toll Fraud Prevention Technical White Paper -- It is highly recommended that Value Added Resellers (VAR)s and Systems Engineers (SE)s implement the security measures described in this application note to provide additional levels of security control and reduce the possibility of toll fraud.

Cisco Unified Communications Express Security Best Practices-- Additionally, it is higly recommended that VARs and SEs review the Communications Manager Express Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) Guide and implement the security best practices.

CME Localization

CME localization matrix - As of CME 4.3/7.0, we have added several new languages that will be supported with the CME localization packages.  More information can be found at the CME localization page.

New CME Localization Packages - As of July 2008, we have added localization support for the new 7942/45, 7962/65, 7975 phones.  Be sure to use the locale package to support the new phones.

Design Considerations

Product Literature (6)


Case Studies

Data Sheets


External Configuration Guides

Technical White Papers


Image:padlock.JPGConfiguring Hardware Conferencing - This CME Tutorial VoD goes through the procedure to set up a CME system to use hardware conferencing capabilities. This VOD includes instructions on how to set up and use both an ad-hoc and meet-me conference.

Image:padlock.JPGCME 7921 Push-To-Talk - This CME Tutorial VoD goes through the procedure to enable Push-to-Talk capabilities on a CME system using a 7921 IP Phone.

Image:padlock.JPGImplementing IP Phones - This SBCS lab guides you through setting up the SBCS/Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express ephones.

Image:padlock.JPGHow to configure line monitor using IOS CLI - This SBCS Tutorial VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the line monitor feature on the UC520. Line monitor feature allows an attendant to see the status of an extension.

Image:padlock.JPGHow to configure line label using IOS command line interface - This VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the line label feature on the UC520. Use line label feature to label a line to display a more meaningful string on the phone such as person's name.

Image:padlock.JPGHow to configure shared line using IOS command line interface - This SBCS Tutorial VoD goes through the steps of using IOS CLI to configure the shared line on the UC520. Use shared line feature to allow multiple phones to share the same extension number and ring when that extension is called.