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Cisco Unified IP phones continue to lead the competition with integrated business functions and converged communications features beyond today's conventional voice systems. As the proven market leader in IP telephony, Cisco Systems continues to deliver superior end-to-end data and true voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions, offering the most complete, stylish, fully featured IP phone portfolio to enterprise and small and medium-sized customers

Product Information

Cisco Unified IP Phone - 7900 Series

Cisco Unified IP Phone - 500 Series

Cisco Unified IP Phone Resources - 7900 Series

Basic Setup

7900 Series End User Guides



7921 Administration Guide

Set the timezone on 7970


Cisco IP Phone Q&A

Do we have recommended headset vendors to go with our IP phones ?

Beyond the physical, mechanical and technical performance, the audio portion of a headset must sound good to the user and the party on the far end. Since, sound is subjective, Cisco cannot guarantee the performance of any headsets or handsets, but some of the headsets and handsets on the sites listed below have been reported to perform well on Cisco IP Phones.


As mentioned in the |Cisco Unified Wireless IP phone 7921 Accessory Guide, the 7921 requires a wired 2.5 mm, 3-band / 4 conductor plug headset or ear bud.

The following guide published by a 3rd party is also a useful reference for Jabra wireless headsets with Cisco Unified IP phones:
Cisco Telephone Headset Compatibility Guide

What IOS and CCA release are required to support CP-52x series IP Phones? Is Smartnet an option for these Phones?

The support for CP-52x IP Phone was added in IOS release 12.4(11)XW7 and is supported by CCA release 1.6 and later. Smartnet is available for these IP Phones. The Smartnet SKUs are:

Is there a software upgrade from Linksys SPA-XX phones to Cisco CP-52x series phones?

No. There is no process to convert a Linksys SPA-XX phone to a Cisco CP-52x phone.

Do 7912G, CP-52x phones support paging and/or intercom?

Yes. Paging is configurable and supported by CCA. On single line IP phones such as 7912G and CP-521G, CCA disables intercom, so CLI configuration is required. The following is a sample configuration for enabling dialable intercom using overlay with 7912G. In the example below, anyone can dial 401 to activate intercom on the 7912G.

For more details regarding parameters for intercom, please refer to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide.

ephone-dn  50

number 401

name Direct-Intercom

intercom 401


ephone  9

device-security-mode none


mac-address AAAA.BBBB.CCCC

type 7912

button  1o14,50

Does the CP-521G and CP-524G IP Phones support PC port?

The CP-521G and CP-524G IP Phones don't support PC ports. However the CP-521SG and CP-524SG IP Phones support PC ports.

What are the feature differences between the CP-52X series and regular 79XX IP Phones?

The CP-52X IP Phones run SPCP (Smart Phone Control Protocol) and can only register with UC500. These IP Phones cannot register with CME running on ISR. SPCP protocol adds an authentication token on top of the SCCP Protocol to allow the phone to register to only UC500. This is the only difference with SCCP.  The CP-52X IP Phones supports all the features of 79XX IP Phones with the following exceptions:

                  Extension Mobility

                  XMLApps support (Voice View Express and CME Directory services are supported)

                  SIP Protocol (RFC 3261)

                  Cisco Video Advantage

                  Octo Line with CCME 4.3/7.0

Is Cisco IP Communicator(CIPC) supported on the Macintosh?

There are currently no plans to support CIPC on the Macintosh.

Are Cisco ATA 18X series supported on UC500? How many user licenses do they consume?

ATA 18X series are supported on UC500. The ATAs can be configured for multiple protocols including H.323 and SCCP. If the ATAs are configured as an SCCP endpoint, it will consume user license. Configuring it as H.323 device does not consume any user license.

The license count depends upon the number of ports registered to the UC500. There are 2 ports on ATAs, if they are both registered, then 2 user licenses would be consumed.

If using an ATA, be sure to select the correct line impedance model for your region: ATA186-I1-A (600ohm) or ATA186-I2-A (complex).

How do you factory reset an IP Phone?

For desktop models please refer to: Resetting 7900 Series IP Phones to Factory Defaults.

To reset the 7921G wireless handset to factory defaults, choose settings, then Phone Settings (Option 1).  Enter **2, then confirm reset with the left hand soft key.

What call-waiting options are available for my IP phones?

By default, Call-waiting beeps are enabled on the system. If you are on a call and a second call comes in, you will hear an audible beep. Instead of a beep tone, you can also make the IP phone ring when the second call comes in. To do this, you will need to enter the following CLI for each line you want to enable for call-waiting ring. If call-waiting ring is enabled, the call-waiting beep is automaticaly disabled.

ephone-dn  17  dual-line

call-waiting ring

number 208 no-reg primary


ephone  10

mac-address AAAA.BBBB.CCCC

type 7960

button  1:17

If you are using an IP phone with a LCD, you will also see caller name and number of the second call coming in, regardless of the call-waiting type that is configured.

For more details regarding parameters for call-waiting, please refer to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express System Administrator Guide.

How do I set separate ring tones for different lines on my IP phone?

Each line on each IP phone on can be configured with an unique ring tone. Please refer to the

User ring tone guide

for step-by-step instructions on how to set ring tones for your IP phone.

How many IP Phones can I register to the system? How many of these can be SoftPhones?

Each UC500 has a few additional floating licenses to support deployment scenarios that require remote teleworkers/7921/CIPC phones. The numbers are:

8-user UC500 :  8 built-in licenses + 2 floating licenses = 10 total licenses
16-user UC500 : 16 built-in licenses + 2 floating licenses = 18 total licenses
24-user UC500 : 24 built-in licenses + 4 floating licenses = 28 total licenses
32-user UC500 : 32 built-in licenses + 4 floating licenses = 36 total licenses
48-user UC500 : 48 built-in licenses + 4 floating licenses = 52 total licenses
64-user UC500: 64 built-in licenses

For example, the 8 user system has 10 licenses. This means 10 IP Phones can register to the system. These IP Phones can be any mix of hardphones, softphones, wireless phones, including local IP Phones as well as remote IP Phones, as long as the total number of IP Phones registered to the system is 10.

What is the maximum number of Directory Numbers (DN) in the UC500?

The numbers are:

8-user UC500 :  56 DN's
16-user UC500 : 88 DN's
24-user UC500 : 128 DN's
32-user UC500 : 160 DN's
48-user UC500 : 224 DN's
64-user UC500: 256 DN's

Notice that although this number might seem low, octal Directory Numbers (Octo lines) greatly improve the capabilities of the system.

Does Cisco make longer cords for the handset to ip phone connection?

No. An internet search will show vendors that deal in such phone accessories.

Is there a document that helps with making labels for 7931 IP Phones?

Yes. Please download this document.