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Cisco WBPN ([W]ireless [B]ridge for SPA [P]hones wifi-[N])


We've released a wireless-N dongle (bridge) for SPA IP phones. The WBPN makes any SPA phone, a WiFi-N client.

Here are some videos to help you with the initial configuration of the WBPN.


Cisco resources:

Of Note:

When a WBPN starts up:

      1. It looks for a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server
      2. If no response from DHCP server, the WBPN takes on a default static IP address of
        Access the WBPN with
        User: cisco
        Password: cisco

    There are two ways to configure the WBPN:

      1. Fastest and easiest, use the WPS button
      2. If your access point does not have a WPS button, access the WBPN's web-UI to associate with the access point


    Community Member


    We have purchased this bridge and tried to use it with out Cisco SPA502G. It works for two minutes fine and then it loses network connection. We tried different units of this WBPN bridge, tried different phone units of SPA502G, tried different wireless routers as the WIFI signat source and it is the same every time: it just loses connection (the 'Mute' button keeps flashing for a couple of seconds) and then it shows that it is reconnected (the 'Mute' button stops flashing red), but the phone cannot send or recieve calls. I wonder what might be the reason for that? Ethernet or PoE works fine.