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Comparing SNR (UC500 basic or UCC Mobility enhanced)


Two types of SNR are available with UC500 (or CME on ISR), basic SNR a SmartApplication includes with UC500 and more feature enhanced UCC Mobility SNR.

SmartApp UC500 SNR is included with UC500, no additonal charge or server required.

SNR native on  UC500:

1)      Can ring 1 alternate  destination

2)      Can forward call or pull call  back from cell phone with softkey on IP phone

3)      Can configure mobility number  from IP phone display and toggle SNR on/off

Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Office (UCC) Mobility, is an add on feature of UCC Server.
This option requires a Windows server running UCC with Mobillity which the customer must purchase in addition to the UC500.

The SNR functionality with UCC  mobility provides more features than the SNR functionality native on the UC500.  

UCC  Mobility:

1)      Can configure rules for time of day routing

2)      Can configure rules based on presence, location and calling number

3)      Can ring up to 4 destinations simultaneously

4)      Can forward call or pull call back from cell phone

5)      Access to mid-call features and can conference call others into the system

6)      Access to DISA like features

7)      Configure mobility numbers from UCC desktop client

With the UCC Mobility service,  you get more advance mobility features referenced above. 

But remember UCC is a licence package you need to get (you get 30 days free trial with SW download).  When the customer buys UCC, the UCC orders are batch processed.  Cisco fulfillment team basically sends out a letter with the PAK-ID.  Once the customer receives the PAK-ID, they can go ahead and download and activate the software.

The customer may use a valid CCO ID to download the software and activate it as a TRIAL until the PAK-ID arrives.

A license is required for each under the top level UCC product id:
x SW-UCC-CLIENT-1 where x = number of PC Clients running the client SW.
1 SW-UCC-SERVER if also ordering Server (Option)
1 SW-UCC-MOBILITY if adding Mobility to Server (Optional)


Thank you for the good information.  Maybe you could also mention the hardware and software license requirements for each?  I understand that with UCC you need a windows server and some licenses.



Great information, Steve.  I would also like to add that if you are using analog trunks then you will need UCC to be able to fully utilize SNR features.  The SNR built into IOS is not able to pull calls back to vm after the timeout has expired.