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Configure SD [Speed Dial] on the SPA525G IP Phone


Configure a speed dial (SD) to an unused line key on a SPA525G IP phone.

This document describes 3 methods of configuring speed dials:

1. Using an unused line key

2. Using one of the SPA525Gs speed dial keys

3. Using a SPA932 attached to a SPA525G

Note: You can also define up to 8 speed dials without using line keys [see end of document]

Define a SD on a line key as follows:

Phone’s web-ui Voice > Phone tab > Line Key N:

Extension: Disabled                        Short Name: SDTest

Share Call Appearance: private

Extended Function: fnc=sd;sub=812144735876@$PROXY;ext=812144735876@$PROXY



sd—speed dial

sub—tag to assign the SUBSCRIBE URL


8—steering digit

1—long distance

214—area code


$PROXY—$PROXY [literally type this in]

ext—extension to dial [DID with steering digit in this case (strictly speaking, extension of phone being monitored)]

Use this speed dial by pressing the associated line key.

The release note syntax: fnc=type;sub=stationname@$PROXY;ext=extension#@$PROXYvid=#

Where: vid=#—specifies the extension the sidecar key is associated with.  By default, it is Ext 1.

For example, if you have a registered Ext 2 with another proxy server, and you want to monitor other lines from that new account, you'll need to add "vid=2".  When Ext 2 registers, the SUBSCRIBE message is then sent.

Assign up to 8 regular speed dials without using Line Keys:

Phone’s web-ui > User tab > Speed Dial > Speed Dial N: 812144735876


N—speed dial 2 through 9


8—steering digit

1—long distance

214—area code


Use a regular speed dial by pressing the number, example “2” and then pressing the Dial soft key on the phone.

Configuring SD on a SPA932 Attached to a SPA525G

The SPA932 is configured in the same way as the Extended Function of each line key.

  1. Navigate to the SPA525G's web-ui/admin/advanced
  2. Click Att Console
  3. Insert SD information using the extended function syntax described above in the line key section.
  4. Once the SPA525G reboots, the related LED on the SPA932 will be green.
  5. Press the LED/button and the SPA525G will go off-hook and dial the configured number


Community Member

Is it possible to configure this so that calls can be transferred to the speed dials programmes into the spare line keys?


That would be cool.  I would also like to see a speed dial set up that isn't associated with the SIP server.  Cisco is awesome and the SPA525 is a really nice telephone phone for anyone.  The bluetooth is really fun too!


It is possible to send a DTMF with Speed Dial like *310#?

Dan Lukes

Yes. If there's call connected, the bXfer to destination is initiated instead. I'm unsure which firmware version introduced this behavior. But there may be issue if you are registered to more than one softswitch. Read  this comment for more.