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Configure UC500 FXO Ports for UK CLI


Currently (as of release 1.9), CCA does not create and apply the specific configurations required to enable Calling Line ID for UC500s installed in the UK.

To enable this functionality, add the following configuration using the command line interface.

Firstly, access the command prompt using either the console cable or telnet access to the UC500 and access the enable prompt by typing enable.

Enter configuration mode by typing config terminal.

Access the interface that you wish to configure.  Integrated ports are voice-port 0/1/0 through voice-port 0/1/3.  If you are using an optional VIC card, these will be voice-port 0/2/0 through voice-port 0/2/3.  Then add the following configuration.

In this example, we will configure the first integrated FXO port.  Repeat the configuration as required for other ports that are being used.

voice-port 0/1/0

cptone GB
timing sup-disconnect 85
impedance complex3
caller-id alerting dsp-pre-allocate

no shut


The command highlighted above specifically enables support of Call Line ID as used on the BT network and will not be visible until cptone GB is configured for that port.  The other commands are also required to enable the FXO ports for use in the UK.


This solved my problem in getting a VIC-2FXO-M1 to recognise caller-id on a BT channel.

I am trying to decide if similar settings should be applied to a circuit provided by Virgin Media (TeleWest/Cable London) as was. They use Bellcore (which works fine with the card) but we have problems with the hangup side of the call!

Cisco Employee

Sorry for the late response - did you have any luck in getting this to work?

I have tried FXO with Virgin services in the past and it seemed to work ok. In which direction are you clearing the call when you see problems?  Clear from Cisco -> network, or network -> Cisco?


Andy, HI. I tried the settings with our Virgin line and things i8mproved but we are still seeing the circuit getting tied up by some incoming calls and the only way (apart from reloading the router) to clear the call is to physically disconnect the line. The problem seems to stem from Virgin's use of a voice message rather than tones when "the other caller has cleared"

Is there any magic in the settings that might sort this out?


P.S. The new thing I got from this posting was hte timing sup-disconect setting, which if I understood what it did I would try adjusting!


Andy, sorry forgot to answer your other question. The call is clearing on the network and the Cisco is holding the line open. Howard

Cisco Employee

ok let me take a look later on.


Did anyone get to the bottom of this at all?

I have a Cisco 2821 running CME 8 on IOS v 15.1. I am using a VIC2-2fx0 card and it works but I also have hangup issues.

I haven't played about with it too much but if a call hangs up the line is locked

Cisco Employee

Hi Joe,

It's been a long while since I've looked at this (I don't recall the IOS commands).  Virgin should clear with a polarity reversal, but if you're not seeing this and the port is trying to detect a disconnect tone, you might find that 340Hz instead of the more normal (BT) 400Hz is being used.