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Configuring dynamicDNS client for the UC520 SR520


The attached document shows how i added a Dynamic DNS client to a SR520 or UC520


Very cool.  Thanks for the share.  I was recently researching if it was possible to do this on my ASA5510.  It seems this could and should work on a variety of Cisco devices.


I used this document to successfully setup DynDNS on my SR520-EF router.

Some very usefull notes (i.e. lessons I learned the HARD way):

1) The SR520 CLI required the "add http://username:password@..." instead of what was listed in this document "http://username:password@...".

2) There is something seriously wrong with the way the CCA sets up DDNS on the SR520. Everytime I used the CCA GUI, the router locked up and I could not access the WAN. I had to reset the router to default configuration to get it to work with the WAN again.

3) The document does not give completely accurate description of what the CLI will respond with a prompt. That would have been useful.

4) The document does not give an complete description of what you are adjusting; you are trusting the document to be correct.