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Customers Requiring CLI Support for the UC540W and UC560W.docx


Pertaining To: Cisco UC540W and UC560W customers with CLI configured systems needing support from the Small Business Support Center.

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CLI, or “command-line interface” is a method for interacting with Cisco devices or operating systems by entering specific commands to perform particular tasks.

Cisco Support Policy requires that any Cisco Small Business UC540W or UC560W with a valid service contract requiring CLI support have a Cisco UC Specialized Partner present during the troubleshooting and resolution process with the Small Business Support Center.  This policy was put in place due to the specialized training required to configure Cisco UC540W or UC560W systems using CLI.

Cisco UC Specialized Partners who have had such specialized training typically utilize CLI to enable advanced UC540W or UC560W system features or to customize the UC540W or UC560W features to customer-specific network environments or requirements.  Partner involvement during the support process helps ensure that these advanced or customized features continue to function as intended and speeds issue resolution.