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Deploying UC320 with Microsoft Small Business Server (english)


Using Cisco UC320W with Windows Small Business Server


The network topology described in this document has the UC320W acting as your offices router.  When you add a mediatrix box, I beleive it has to be connected to the WAN port of the UC320W.  Therefore you need another router at the top of the diagram connected to the internet, then connected to that you would have the mediatrix box and the UC320W.  This means that your would have to put in a router and configure it to route everything to the UC320W to route it to your servers etc.

It seems as though the UC320W is forcing you to use it to route your traffic, even though you already have a router capable of doing that.  As far as I can see the UC320W needs the Mediatrix on the WAN, and a WAN connection for the time.  It would be helpful to us if the UC320W could be just a device on the LAN rather than needing a WAN connection.

Cisco Employee

Hi Tony;

Thanks for your comments. You are right in your comments. If there is an existing network deployed you want to maintain (not only the MS SBS), then the best scenario that fits is what we call scenario 2 - greyfield.

As FYI, we are currently working, as a roadmap item (not committed yet), with an option to deploy the UC320W as an appliance over the WAN port. Stay tunned.




Hi Alberto,

I'm trying to access the document for Scenario 2 so that we can setup the UC320 with a SBS server and a MediaTrix 4404 ISDN gateway.

I am a Cisco parter and can access everything else on the page: