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Disabling PC Port and Settings button on an IP phone for Communications Manager Express


From: ttrentler

For security reasons you may wish to disable the PC port on an IP phone and the Settings button.

A good example of this would be a lobby phone where we don't want the visitors to be able to discover any properties of our network. As a default on CME and the UC500 depressing the settings button gives access to DHCP info and connecting a PC to the PC port on the back of a phone may give access to your data network.  You may not want this behavior for some phones.

To accomplish this we need to use an ephone template an example follows:

ephone template 1
service phone pcPort 1
service phone settingsAccess 0

Note pcPort 1 turns off the phone's pc port and the zero option under settingsAccess turns of all settings access except contrast and ring tones.

The commands are case sensitive. Also be sure to assign the ephone template to an ephone! An example follows:

ephone 27
mac-address 1111.2222.3333
ephone-template 1
type 7960
button 1:27

Thanks for the info on the reconfig of the settings & PC port ttrentler.

I can add to this by saying by applying the following config, you can restrict the settings access (probably won't want to restrict the PCPort) for ALL handsets:

service phone settingsAccess 0

Also, the original config in the post above on its own will not apply to individual handsets. You will need to issue the commands:

Router(config-telephony)#cnf-file perphone (this creates files on per phone basis, not system wide)
Router(config-telephony)#create cnf (creates the new configuration files)

Restart the ephone you are applying the config to, and hey presto. I have used this to restrict lobby phones and works very well. There are an array of service commands you can use to customise phones. Check out:

Scott Martin
Cisco Select Partner, Australia