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ESW500 Series Tips For OnPlus

Portal Feature

The ESW can be discovered in three different ways:

•    If Bonjour advertisements are turned on, and the Cisco Bonjour protocol is enabled, the device will be properly discovered.

•    If CDP advertisements are turned on, and the OnPlus Agent has access to CDP information, the device will be properly discovered. The OnPlus Agent can either be connected directly to the ESW switch, or it can have access to a device connected to the switch that provides CDP neighbor information.

•    Finally, the ESW can be be selected using a designated driver. Selecting the driver and entering credentials will result in proper discovery. Once the ESW has been discovered, it will provide CDP neighbor and CAM information that assists in discovery of additional devices, as well as Topology construction.

Device Access

After discovery, information can be gathered from the ESW using the HTTP management interface. Valid credentials need to be entered. Credentials are entered under Credentials > Login and Credentials > Enable in the Device Information window on the portal.

Software Upgrade

The ESW may fail to reboot after you upgrade firmware.

Remote Access

For remote Web access, use port 80 and enable the Fix Headers option. Additional caveats vary, depending on the Web browser you are using:

Safari. The Safari browser works fine, but you must ignore the “connection lost” pop-up.

Firefox. When you first connect with firefox, you will get an error. The error is different, depending on the version of Firefox you are using. To get it to work, copy the URL and open a new window, then paste the URL into the new window. Ignore the “connection lost” mesage.

Internet Explorer. IE8 works without issues.

Note: Cisco OnPlus Service was tested with the ESW-540-8P, ESW-520-24P, and ESW-520-8P models, with feature support expected to apply to all other models in the series.