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External Paging and UC500


External paging with UC500 can be done using FXO, FXS or as a SIP phone. Your choice depends on if using existing paging hardware or customer is buying new. If existing hardware you have to determine the type interface on the paging amplifier(s). In most cases FXO or FXS interface, some times E&M, which is not supported. If You connect the door opener to the FXO port on the UC500:

- When door opener goes off hook, it will send ringing presumably to the FXO port and you can set the FXO port to plar to a specific extension
that is a shared line on all the IP phones

- IP phones answer & and can then press a digit sequence to open door

- You create an extension for the door opener and route that out the FXO port via dial-peers, IP phones can dial that extension and get connected to the gate opener.

Again, the abover assumes the Door Opener has the ability to connect to an FXO port. We have interfaced with Valcom / Viking in the past.

If customer needs new external paging hardware, many vendors offer solutions that work with any telephony solution, including UC500.

Valcom, Viking and Bogen are highly recognized.

Miscelaneous Notes:

- If FXS, you assign a DN, as if an analog phone.

- If FXO, you use a dial-peer as if you were dialing between sites.

- FXO or FXS interfaces can not be dialed at the same time as the UC500 internal paging though the phones.

An XML paging application from Berbee (now Singlewire) can be used, but requires a server and setup using CLI. This solution also allows for internal and external paging at the same time.

Cyberdata ( in Monterey, has a SIP phone based paging solution which uses POE Multicast external paging speakers and adopters to existing paging hardware. Cyberdata’s SIP paging solution eliminates the traditional amp from the solution. With this solution, you can page internal and external at the same time, plus no need for seperate paging wiring, each speaker is an ethernet drop.

Cyberdata has designed the“Callbox Unit", an affordable door access solution for SMB customers. The Callbox provides the following functionality for UC500/SBCS:

1. The user can open a door remotely by dialing a set of digits from an IP Phone.

2. A user at the Callbox can dial the operator's IP phone from the outside by pressing "Call" button on the Callbox.

For more information about this integration:

David Hornstein
Rising star

Created a VOD on part of this that may be useful.  Showed installation of a Valcom 9970 and Cyberdata overhead paging Speaker (not theoretical).  Click here

regards Dave


Cannot seem to get to VOD link, asks for a meeting number?

David Hornstein
Rising star

Hi Pat

check the link to VODs

The Video on Demand you need to look at is called ;

I think the links above are live.

regards Dave


that works! Thanks for the quick reply!