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FOR EUROPEAN BETA PARTNERS: Cisco OnPlus European Early Adopter Program


This message is for the European partners who are currently enrolled in the Cisco OnPlus European Early Adopter Program and have received the Cisco OnPlus network appliance as part of the program.

If you are a European partner intersted to learn more about the Cisco OnPlus Service availability in Europe, feel free to contact us: .

Welcome to the Cisco OnPlus European Early Adopter Program! This program gives you an early access to the Cisco OnPlus Service in Europe. As part of the program, you will get a chance to:
     - Use the OnPlus Service in your preferred language: Spanish, French, German, Italian, or English;
     - Enjoy improved performance of the OnPlus Service with the dedicated OnPlus server located in Europe;
     - Get access to your customer information from wherever you are with Cisco OnPlus Mobile app.

Cisco OnPlus Service is a cloud-based platform that enables Cisco Partners to economically offer managed network services through the network assessment, discovery, monitoring and remote management of their SMB customer networks.

Getting Started

A complimentary Cisco OnPlus network appliance is provided for all program participants. Once you receive the Cisco OnPlus network appliance, activating a customer account only takes a few minutes.
For new partners that do not have an existing Cisco OnPlus Beta account:
1. Register and create an account on the Cisco OnPlus Beta Portal at (This link is REQUIRED for registration) Use your Login ID and password to create the account. The default timezone is Europe/Dublin, so you may wish to set this as appropriate for your location. NOTE: You may need to wait up to 5 minutes before you will be able to use your OnPlus credentials ( Login ID and password) to log in.
2. After you have logged in to the Cisco OnPlus Beta portal (, create an account for a customer whose network you would like to manage.
3. Activate the Cisco OnPlus ON100 network appliance on the customer LAN.
4. Download OnPlus Mobile app to have access to your customer networks on the go. For details, please refer to the “Going Mobile” section below.

For partners that already have an existing Cisco OnPlus Beta account:
1. Your existing Cisco OnPlus Beta account is located on the OnPlus server in North America. In order for you to take advantage of the new OnPlus Service in Europe, your existing account will need to be deleted, and you will need to re-register via the European Cisco OnPlus Beta Portal. IMPORTANT:  All the information in your existing OnPlus Beta account will be lost when it is deleted.
2. To have your existing OnPlus Beta account deleted, send email to and provide your full name and Login ID.
3. Please follow the steps 1-4 described in the “For new partners that do not have an existing Cisco OnPlus Beta account” section above.


For more details and step-by-step instructions on how to get started with your OnPlus Service, see the following resources:

Cisco OnPlus Portal Language Settings
If you do not see the Cisco OnPlus Beta portal in your preferred language (Spanish, French, German, Italian, or English), set the language preference in your Web browser. For example, if you are using Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to the Firefox menu and choose Preferences.
2. Select the Content tab.

3. Under the Language section, click the Choose... button.
4. In the Select a language to add ..." drop-down menu, choose one of the following: Italian (it), Spanish (es), German (de) or French (fr).
5. Click the Add button.
6. Select the newly added language in the list of languages, then click the Move Up button until it is at the top of the list.
7. Close all dialogs and refresh the page.

The procedure is similar for other browsers such Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari.

Going Mobile!
As part of the Cisco OnPlus European Early Adopter Program, you get the ability to access your customer accounts from wherever you are using the OnPlus Mobile App. It is available via Apple AppStore and Android Marketplace. Simply search for "OnPlus". The following devices are supported:

  • Android 2.2 or later (3.0 not supported)
  • iPhone 3GS, 4G or  4S or iPod Touch

To log in to your Cisco OnPlus Beta account on the OnPlus mobile app, please use the following steps:

  1. Launch OnPlus Mobile app.
  2. On the log-in screen, touch the configuration wheel located under the password field, select “OnPlus Beta”, and click Done.
  3. Enter your OnPlus Beta account credentials, and press “Go”.

To learn in more detail about OnPlus Mobile App, please review the Getting Started Guide: .

Do not have an iOS-based or Android-based mobile device? You can still take advantage of the OnPlus Mobile Service, by pointing your mobile device browser to the . OnPlus Service will detect that you are using a mobile browser, and will redirect you to the OnPlus Mobile Portal to log-in.

Learn More about OnPlus

  • Testimonials and General Information - .
  • Webinars - Join us for a live, interactive demo by attending a Cisco OnPlus Introduction Webinar. Our training schedule is available at .
  • Forum and Support Community - See what other Partners are saying and participate in discussions on the Cisco OnPlus Support Community. The Cisco OnPlus Team is standing by to help you with any of your questions. Here you will have access to information about the latest updates, OnPlus roadmap, training videos, and more.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have or if you would simply like to share your feedback. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

You can share your feedback with us on this page or send it directly to .

The Cisco OnPlus Team