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How can I configure the SPA9000 and SPA400 so that the analogue lines ring on a different lines on the phone


Here is a interesting question that came in and i thought I could document it for the wider audiance.

Subject: SPA9000  issue

Hi  team,

Please can you help on  the below issue?

I  have the spa9000+spa400 & spa942X3 + spa962X1

I am  using the spa 400 with two analogue lines. 

How  can I configure the phones so that the analogue lines ring on a different led on  the phone?  Ex. analogue number X1 ring on led 1 and analogue number X2 ring on  led 2.

Thanks  & Regards,

Philippos  P

Hi  Philippos

check out  the attached screen shots.

I have  the SPA400  port ID setup with a name that I like , or i could have used the port ID  that are there.

Then I  allowed my contact list on my SPA9000 to looking at this incoming Port ID and  direct the call to an appropriate hunt group. 

So calls coming in from SPA400 line 1 or Port ID 1 which i have called 'PSTN'  are directed  to hunt group 200

So calls coming in from SPA400 line 2 or Port ID 2 which i have called 'Gate'  are directed  to hunt group 201

I think you could easily adapt this for your requirements. See attached screen shots on how i did it.  but this information is in the Administrators guide anyway.

regards  Dave

Cisco Employee

Great write-up. Thanks for taking the time to share this Dave.


Is it possible to do this with calls coming in from an ITSP SIP trunk that supports multiple inbound calls to the same number?  That is, can you take the first call and have it illuminate LED1, then have the next call illuminate LED 2, etc?  My client would like this as it makes it easier for them to hold and transfer multiple calls (example: to transfer a call they press the hold button and tell their colleague to pick up on line 1, or if they are on a call and a new one comes in they press the hold button and then press the button next to the incoming call).