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how to create a Network with PLC, VoIP, Ethernet, Accesspoint and FO?


Good morning,

I am an Engineer from Spain.  A free-lance.

I am doing a project and I would want your proposal for the Network .

I have attached a drawing of it.

Now, I do not need a commercial bid. Only I want to know the electronics device that I need and brochures/data sheets.

Luis Valle




The fiber must be monomode (singlemode).

Total Distance from both ends 25 Km. (0 km-5km(pk5)-10km(pk10)-15km(pk15)-20km(pk20)-25km)

The switches have to be redundant

Please. The answer in this week.


The architecture of the system is

  • An intermediate process-control level composed of a rack with communication switches managing a fibre optic ring.
  • The communications networks between the different components of the system will be:
  • Between the communication racks in the WTP Control Room and the automation equipment, PLCs and remote stations, communications will via Ethernet protocol, based on a fibre optic physical support, in a ring configuration.


             Telecommunication system

The project requires the implementation of a Data Network, a Telephony System (VoIP), Security System (CCTV, Access Control) over a distributed IP Architecture for the WTP, the Intake and the Raw Water Pipeline.

The best scheme for the proposed system is an IP based solution that allows a global management from the security and communication point of view. It will be proposed an Ethernet Network over a single-mode fibre optic. The switches of the fibre optic ring will have PoE ports in order to deliver the power for the VoIP telephones. The switches will be DIN rail mounted.

All of these subsystems must be controlled from the WTP Control Room and the requirements of the equipment installed in the Intake and Raw Water Pipeline should comply the specifications of the equipment installed in the Water Treatment Plant.


       Fibre optic ring

The fibre optic ring will controlled from the Water Treatment Plant and it will be configured according the equipment installed in the WTP Control Room.

Fibre optic rings will be configured with 210% of the fibres required, to provide the ability to upgrade the system resilience and add further functional networks.

In the Raw Water Pipeline, the fibre optic ring will be installed in ducts, each branch in a different pipeline trench to ensure simultaneous damage cannot easily occur.

The fibre optic will be a Single-mode fibre to ensure the communication between the Isolation Manholes and the WTP. Therefore, a 1550 nm wavelength fibre optic cable will be selected.