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How to get NetBios accross VLANs on SX300


How to get NetBios accross multiple VLANs on the SX300 series using the code

1.) Log in to the switch CLI and use the command "set system mode router" then reboot the switch using "reload" (this will factory default reset the switch)

2.) Create the VLAN

3.) Assign an IP address to your VLAN 1

4.) Assign an IP address to your VLAN 2

5.) Associate a port to your VLAN 2, in this example port 24 will be 2 untagged

6.) Create a UDP relay (ip helper) rule for port 137 *Note, for the source interface you may use ALL VLAN interfaces or a specific VLAN interface. The Destination IP address can be broadcast or broadcast for a specific subnet as example or a specific host such as

7.) Create a second UDP relay (ip helper) rule for port 138

8.) Connect a computer to port 24 and assign the network card, subnet with gateway to reflect your VLAN 2

9.) Assign another computer IP address, subnet with gateway and connect to any port associated to VLAN 1

10.)  Disable the Firewall OR add an exception on the firewall for port 137 and 138. I chose to disable the firewall for simplicity.

11.) Open the run menu and try to path to the \\Name desired

12.) Verify the result