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Integrating the UC500 with Infortel's (ISI) Call Accounting Service


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The file accounting feature in the UC500 provides a method for capturing accounting records in comma separated value (.csv) format and storing the records to a file in internal flash or to an external FTP server. Infortel provides a “cloud-based” service, where public FTP servers can be used to collect such records. That information is later processed and analyzed to demonstrate customer call trends, Employee/Department usage, Fraud/Mis-use/Abuse, and Employee Productivity, and can be presented through a customizable, user-friendly business portal, which is the service that ISI offers.

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Solution Benefits
  • Infortel® Select UC 500 provides valuable call reporting and statistics to Cisco customers. Infortel enables customers to manage telecom expenses by tracking call trends, identifying potential fraud, mis-use or abuse and tracking adherence to telecom budgets for Employees or Departments.
  • The Business Intelligence (BI) reporting capabilities of Infortel are of particular interest to small business users of UC500. The BI reports enable companies to track employee productivity, monitor phone interactions with customers and ensure customers are able to contact them through real-time reporting on Trunk Seizure Activity, Abandoned Calls and Time in Queue.
  • Infortel® Select UC 500 is offered in Basic or Enhanced packages. The Enhanced version offers additional reports, support and training. A comparison of feature functionality between Basic and Enhanced is shown below. ISI is offering a free, 60-day evaluation of the Basic version.

Contact Information:

ISI SBCS Partner Program information
David Dishek   

Ph. 703 450 1904

ISI Telemanagement Solutions Inc.
   1051 Perimeter Drive, S-200
   Schaumburg, IL 60173    847 995 0002

IMPORTANT: Third party application support is from the application developer. Cisco support involves setup/integration with SBCS only.