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Integrating the UC500 with the SPA8000 FXS Gateway

The SBCS Solution can be integrated with the Cisco SPA8000 and the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway. Each one offers distinct advantages. Both provide additional FXS ports that can be used to support legacy analog phones or faxes, while offering a smooth transition into IP Telephony.
Community Member

Has anyone got this to work? I got outbound calls to work but I can not figure out why inbound to the fxs ports rings busy.  One of the commands in the intructions does not work for me.

interface BVI100

It says "Integrated bridging and routing in not enabled"

So I enabled it by typing "bridge irb"

But it still does not work.

Any ideas?

Community Member

I got it working.   I just skipped the interface BVI100 command and skipped setting the ip address for the BVI100


Also got it working however I needed to upgrade to version 6 of the firmware to register more than 2 FXS ports; also skipped the interface BVI100 command


If you decide to use a BVI interface, you must enable IRB on the UC500/IOS device.