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Integrating the UC500 with the VG224

The SBCS Solution can be integrated with the Cisco SPA8000 and the Cisco VG224 Voice Gateway. Each one offers distinct advantages. Both provide additional FXS ports that can be used to support legacy analog phones or faxes, while offering a smooth transition into IP Telephony.

Marcos, how is the VG224 physically connected to the UC500?  Is there a WIC that is installed in the open slot of the UC500 that the RJ-21 connector couples to?

Steven Smith
Rising star

It connects via ethernet.


Perfect!  That takes care of one limitation.  Do you have any suggestions on how to configure more than 8 analog CO lines on a UC500?  I have a client that has 10 incoming lines... they will not consider a PRI as a solution because of the cost.  From what I know I'm limited to the 4 that come with the system and an additional 4 FXO ports on that WIC.

How about a SPA8800 or a larger UC500 SKU that has 12 FXOs built in?

David Hornstein
Rising star

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for working with me to get the VG224 up and running with the current 8.0.1 package.

Marcos figured  that the application note has to be modified slightly  to reflected changes in CME since the app note was written.

The original app note above,  shows the following command in the VG224 ;

sccp ccm identifier 1 <--- IP address of UC500

this command has to be altered to

sccp ccm identifier 1  version 4

Also under in  telepony-service in the UC500 auto registration of ephones is now turned off  with the command no-auto-reg-ephone

We went into config terminal  mode and altered  telephony-services section by placing the command auto-reg-ephone.   .

We then saved that change with the command create cnf-files

That should just about reflect the changes we made from the original application note.

If you have the VG224 running already with the configuration pasted  from the app note, you will find you probably will not be able to make the changes above  without;

step 1. stopping sccp (no sccp)

step 2. no sccp ccm identifier 1

step 3. no sccp ccm group 1

step 4  sccp ccm identifier 1 version 4

step 5  paste the sccp ccm group 1 options in the app note  back into the VG224

step 6 type sccp to enable sccp again